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  1. jkes01

    Guitar Center Girls Are Looking For You !

    I feel duped as I got a guy that calls me all the time form GC. I told him I am done spending for the year. They think I gots deep pockets or something with all these emails and calls to buy new gear, ridiculous.
  2. jkes01

    Laughing Guy RIP

    R.I.P. funny man. You will always be remembered.
  3. jkes01

    Nut slot files, need recommendations

    Swing through KC and I’d do it for ya :cool:
  4. jkes01

    Nut slot files, need recommendations

    If you can go for the entire set, go for it. I certainly would’ve if I could have afforded them at the time.
  5. jkes01

    Nut slot files, need recommendations

    There are many recommendations here. If you plan to use them, they will be worth it. But, if for only 1 time use, just take it to a pro. When I made my first nut out of Corian, I started with 3 files, .010, .024, and .042. I could do any size slot with those 3 files. Using a small sized file...
  6. jkes01

    Nickel locking Tuners Epi Les Paul 50s Standard

    Looks like the guitar has vintage tulip tuners with 10mm? screw-in bushings. These might fit right in, but you will need to also get conversion bushings. With...
  7. jkes01

    60th Anniversary 1961 Les Paul/SG

    Make one out of a heavy Fender tortoise pick using a drill bit to punch it out or contact Gibson to see if they will send you a replacement.
  8. jkes01

    Ohhh sweet Lord who would do this??? (SiIverburst Abuse - be warned)

    I feel a thread merge in your future.
  9. jkes01

    this confirms what a lot of us have suspected!

    Stumbled upon them some time ago. Best new music I have heard in a long time.
  10. jkes01

    Pneumatic Fret File

    As predicted...
  11. jkes01

    Yay or Nay

    Check the freezer section in your local grocery store. :cool:
  12. jkes01

    For those who have made acoustics

    More for the fact I want my headstock and a Gibson style volute. I have some curly mahogany and maybe some rosewood strips and maple veneer. Already have some bigger EVO wire for it as well as ebony Waverly pins and tuners. I am going to make a template of the ebony board that came with it just...
  13. jkes01

    For those who have made acoustics

    I have one of these kits sitting in the garage and was thinking of doing the same with mine. Also tossing around the idea of making a laminated neck for it and a few other changes.
  14. jkes01

    NGD ...blunted

    I always get approval from the “boss”, I mean my wife before any big purchases. Some guys just do it and ask for forgiveness later, not me. I ain’t hiding anything.
  15. jkes01

    Bias Meter Build - Benchtop / Rack Mount / Overkill

    CRAZY AWESOME! :thumb:
  16. jkes01

    How many Chilli's bartenders...

    Imagine your friend listening to your favorite song for the very first time and getting their reactions to all the best “diddly, diddly, diddly“ lead parts, but you don’t have any friends to share that experience with, so we have reaction videos. :thumb:
  17. jkes01

    How many Chilli's bartenders...

    I like the one’s that listen and they get it.
  18. jkes01

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    So nice! Did you cut them yourself?
  19. jkes01

    Flamboyantly Unique Silverburst Custom

    The idiot who did that is kicking himself right in the a$$ on this one knowing what these things are going for now. :rofl:

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