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  1. Dan

    WTB: Bigsby B5 Aluminum

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Bigsby B5 unit in aluminum. Interested in new or used (but not abused/broken), as well as the B5 Vibramate bracket. Thanks for your time. PM with any info.
  2. Dan

    A Quick Update

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know how things have been going for me. As a lot of you know, I wasn't able to find a teaching job once my wife and I got here to Athens. I worked as a sub for a couple of weeks, but it far worse than I could have anticipated. After a physical and verbal...
  3. Dan

    Melody Maker Special at Sweetwater

    Just came across this on Sweetwater: Gibson Melody Maker Special (Satin Yellow) | Yowzers, what a setup. If it had a 50's neck on it I'd say it was perfect.
  4. Dan

    Josh Homme of QOTSA on "No Reservations"

    Caught this episode on demand the other day. A classic "No Reservations" episode with a lot of cool guitar/music content. I'm a fan of QOTSA and Josh Homme, so it was cool to see. Catch it sometime. Josh Homme to appear on No Reservations August 8th « Consequence of Sound Next Monday: No...
  5. Dan

    Joe Biden Collecting Rent from Secret Service

    Joe Biden collecting rent from Secret Service | The Ticket - Yahoo! News Joe Biden is a landlord to the Secret Service. That's right. The Washington Times reports that Biden has collected $13,200 from the Secret Service since April to rent a cottage adjacent to his Wilmington, Del...
  6. Dan

    Howdy Folks!

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I've been incredibly busy since moving here to Athens. LOTS of yard work (overgrown ivy everywhere :shock:), but it's really paid off and looks great now. The main focus now is finally unpacking the rest of the boxes. I've literally only had...
  7. Dan

    New Bridge in San Fransisco Built in China

    I don't usually have knee-jerk reactions to such things, but at what point do you have to examine your principles? They say they saved hundreds of millions of dollars by outsourcing to China. Wouldn't that have been hundreds of millions paid to domestic workers to complete a domestic project...
  8. Dan

    The Big Move Coming Up

    The wife and I are moving to Athens July 1st, less than a week now. We're excited about it, but we're also going to miss Charleston. It's a great town, but doesn't have what we need at the moment. As I've mentioned before, my wife is going to UGA to get here PhD (full ride and stipend). I...
  9. Dan

    Rolling Rock

    The last one was so good, I do believe I'll have another. Or maybe five.
  10. Dan

    Huy Fong Sriracha: Damn!

    I just tried this "rooster sauce" the other day. All I have to say is, holy hell, this stuff is great. I've been using it on everything. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of this stuff. I understand it's not a true version of the Thai original, but this stuff seems to be holding up on its...
  11. Dan

    Mister Rogers

    I was texting my wife earlier about our dog, Paddington, and his usual antics. He has the habit of bringing his ducky toys to bed wit him. If he throws it over the edge or finds that it's fallen off the bed, he won't go get it. Instead, he'll lay there on the bed, head hanging over the edge...
  12. Dan

    Vintage Silvertone Repair

    I just bought this '62 or '63 Silvertone. There's a full thread with more photos in the Other Guitars section: As the photos below show, it's got a few issues. First, the mahogany bridge is broken...
  13. Dan

    NGD: Vintage Silvertone

    There's been this Silvertone on the wall of the local guitar shop for at least 2 or 3 years. Anyway, I've always loved it for some reason. I finally brought it home. After doing some homework, I've found it's a Silvertone 1410L, the cheapest of the cheap, made from 1962-1963: The...
  14. Dan

    Trivia Night! Any other fans?

    Tonight is trivia night at the Mellow Mushroom. I absolutely love trivia and could possibly do it every day of the week. I'm pretty picky about the ones I like. The low-brow, free drinks and stupid questions with asshole MC ones aren't my favorite, but a lot of places have gotten really good...
  15. Dan

    Something You Learned Today

    It's true that, for at least some of us, we never stop learning. Post something you've learned today. For me, I learned that my dog doesn't like scotch.
  16. Dan

    Interesting Development in HIV Research

    First man ‘functionally cured’ of HIV - Yahoo! News By Liz Goodwin Since HIV was discovered 30 years ago this week, 30 million people have died from the disease, and it continues to spread at the rate of 7,000 people per day globally, the UN says. There's not much good news when...
  17. Dan

    Theaters cutting credits?

    The past two times the wife and I have been to the movies, for Pirates and The Hangover 2, the theater has cut the credits for the movie right after the final scene. This totally sucked tonight since we didn't get to see the photo montage at the end of The Hangover. There was an angry mob of...
  18. Dan

    The Hangover Part II

    The wife and I just got back from The Hangover Part II. Overall, a funny movie. It's more funny than most, but it can't match the original, even if it tries to copy it as much as possible. I dunno, part of me was disappointed, but only a little. Most sequels are total turds, but this one...
  19. Dan

    China to supply Pakistan with fighter jets

    Pakistan and China already have an established relationship, but the recent loss of face over the recent OBL incident had to have spurred on this public posturing. Me thinks the US and India are gonna be real big buddies soon, even more so than what we are now. Official: China providing...
  20. Dan

    NGD: Melody Maker Flying V

    I picked up my MM V today. Overall I'm very happy with what I've got. Here's a run-down of the guitar. Lets start from the top: Headstock: blackfaced with a nicely bevelled Gibson-embossed trussrod cover. The tuners are stamped "Kluson Deluxe" are and nice and tight. The white...

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