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    Retro-spec Parts

    So I've been talking to Kim from Vintage Checkout on a weekly basis for a few months already... One awesome guy! But anywayz... He's been working on some accurate vintage repro parts for historics. I thought they looked fantastic and I trust Kim completely so I went ahead and ordered a whole...
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    Question for Moderators

    I don't see a district where we can talk about musicians and albums. Is there not one created? It would be cool to chat about recordings and albums. :fingersx:
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    Keef And His Custom

    Hope you guys enjoy these shots as Keef is one of my guitar heros.
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    Show your Customs!!!!

    Being a Custom freak., I decided to put up a custom thread only for LP Customs. NOT SO FINEPRINT: THIS IS NOT SPAM, THESE ARE OWN PERSONAL GUITARS THAT ARE NOT FOR SALE. AS I KEEP GETTING BUGGED ABOUT SPAMMING. Let's see them. This is my 61 LP Custom with sidways vibrola (Vintage)...
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    1961 Les Paul Custom

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    Jimmy Page 1275

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    2007 Gibson Historic -PUs

    Ok so I finally get around to changing the electronics, then midway I decide to change the pickups. I realize I have no covers so I decide to take the covers off the existing burstbuckers. To my surprise the neck pickup is double black BUT the bridge pickups is a zebra! This is the first...

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