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  1. Demon Dave

    NGD Les Paul Classic 2019

    Hello everybody, yesterday I decided to buy the 4th les Paul of my life (the previous 3 are all gone years ago). I’ve had to make a choice, between a standard original ‘50 in heritage cherry, and this classic 2019 , plain top in honey burst. As you can see, despite is a plain top, there are some...
  2. Demon Dave

    Opinions please about this 2016 Traditional

    Hello guys, I’m David, and I’ve found this burst for sale, she’s a beauty as you can see, and the price is ok for me, the seller asking 1350,00 €. But it has wrong knobs, he say he’d change and put the originals on another LP, now sold. The rest of guitar look original to you? Thanks I really...

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