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  1. ToneasaurusRex

    Former Gibson factory to become boutique hotel

    The place that produced many of the most desirable musical instruments of the 20th Century will become a boutique hotel complete with a "Body Rock" gym and intimate auditorium...
  2. ToneasaurusRex

    Advice, please: returning an Ebay purchase

    Hi everybody, I rarely buy or sell on the 'Bay, and even more rarely have any problems. But my most recent purchase is not what I expected and I think it has to go back. I know that several of y'all have more knowledge of these things so I thought I would ask you first. It's a power /...
  3. ToneasaurusRex

    Jilted lover walks in on cheating husband, smashes his guitar

    Cheating's awful, but if you're gonna do it, hide your guitars. Of course, all of US here at MLP have ONE question on all of our minds, but it is not answered in the article. Peace Rex
  4. ToneasaurusRex

    PSA: Brazilian rosewood from C. F. Martin

    Hi MLP Forum Members. I've never built a guitar, but I play guitar and have done other woodworking projects. I got an interesting email today from Woodpeckers, an Ohio company that makes excellent tools. They are advertising Brazilian rosewood that has been sitting in boxes at Martin for...
  5. ToneasaurusRex

    Tool selection advice, please.

    Hi fellas (and hi to our MLP ladies)! I am very seriously considering placing an order for one of these steel straight edges: Now, I am fortunate enough to be able to afford some nice Woodpeckers brand tools, but I can't afford the...
  6. ToneasaurusRex

    "Play It Loud" exhibition at the Met: AMAZING!

    MLP Brothers and Sisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is putting on an absolutely phenomenal exhibition of the most famous rock 'n' roll instruments in history. If you can possibly get to New York in September, I highly recommend you see it. In ONE ROOM, there's Van...
  7. ToneasaurusRex

    Peavey to Auction Off "No Longer Needed" Assets Worth Millions

    Peavey is auctioning off millions of dollars' worth of finished goods as well as raw materials and tools. The company says these are leftovers from the downsizing of Peavey's American manufacturing in 2015. I own a Peavey amp made in Mississippi that I really enjoy. I wish the company well and...
  8. ToneasaurusRex

    Bond is still Bond, but he's not "007" anymore

    Big news about the most popular spy franchise in history. I wish it hadn't been spoiled, and I'm sorry to join in the spoiling. But the cat is out of the bag, and I'm interested in what MLP will say. (I have predictions, but let's see.) Keep an open mind, everybody...
  9. ToneasaurusRex

    Gibson "Play Authentic" video

    So Mark Agnesi from Gibson posted a video last week entitled "Play Authentic," in which he stated that there's more to a Gibson than just the headstock. Backlash was swift and the video has since been pulled from YouTube. I can't find a copy of the original video. Here's a story from Guitar...
  10. ToneasaurusRex

    Joe Perry's Signature Goldtop Has a Fender Vibe!

    Check out the long-anticipated Joe Perry signature Les Paul Goldtop, one humbucker in the bridge position, and . . . a Wilkinson vibrato. Peace Rex
  11. ToneasaurusRex

    Really cool story: Billy Corgan's stolen Strat is returned to him

    MLPers, This is a great story about the bond a guitarist has with his or her instrument, the way a particular guitar can affect and shape the music you play on it, and life in general. Well worth a read...
  12. ToneasaurusRex

    Crutchfield is AMAZING!!!

    Months ago, the volume knob on my car's factory stereo started to slip. I needed to spin it madly to change the volume. Then it became completely unresponsive. I found Crutchfield on line, and they have a great, clean-looking website that told me exactly what I needed without any confusing...
  13. ToneasaurusRex

    You won't like this controversial ad-- but for a different reason than everybody else

    Credit Karma, a personal finance company offering free credit reports, recently released this commercial: The ad tells the story of a young couple that makes better financial decisions, resulting in them purchasing a house and starting a family. What could be controversial about that, you...
  14. ToneasaurusRex

    Absolutely crazy weather here in New England!

    Over the weekend, it was relatively warm aloft but frigid at ground level. Freezing rain and sleet was falling hard, and then it froze as soon as it landed -- on the ground, on the cars, on people. Then it got even colder, single digits. Everything froze solid. Walking was treacherous and...
  15. ToneasaurusRex

    Mountain bikers, I need help: New MTB Frame Day!

    Friends, I know a few of you are mountain bikers: I have been a mountain biker since my childhood, the early days of the sport. I never got to the point where I can do insane downhills, but have always loved pedaling through the forest. I have a 2005 Kona Hoss that works just fine, bombproof...
  16. ToneasaurusRex

    The Happiest Year of My Life

    My Dear MLP Friends, This year will end in a few hours and tonight I am deeply happy, happier than I have been since I was a boy. That year, I spent my days playing outside with my friends, catching lizards, and riding my bike, and Star Wars was playing in theaters. But I haven't been this...
  17. ToneasaurusRex

    Gibson to close Memphis operations, consolidate in Nashville

    Bye, bye, Gibson Memphis / Custom Shop. Another chapter in the long history of Gibson is being written before our eyes. Just saw this news story: In Gibson's statement, they call it an "integration" three...
  18. ToneasaurusRex

    Any Norwegians on MLP? We're headed there!

    Through the inspiration of Alex @sapounov and Kate, our Russian MLP world-traveler friends, I thought I would post a question for any Norwegians (or folks that know Norway well). My wife and I are planning our honeymoon and we have selected Norway! July 24-August 16 First five days are set...
  19. ToneasaurusRex

    Our little buddy (Tucker dog) is very sick

    MLP friends, We may disagree on plenty, but we all love those companions who add so much love to our lives. Now it's my turn to ask y'all for prayers, support, kind words, and positive thoughts. Over the last 48 hours, our sometimes annoying but always lovable Bichon has not been himself...
  20. ToneasaurusRex

    Any Dallas-Ft. Worth MLP peeps going to drink Peep beer?

    The Collective Brewing Company in Fort Worth is going to brew some Peep-flavored beer for this Easter weekend. Any of y'all going to try some? I would love to try it!

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