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  1. bluesoul

    Big vs Huge?

    Not considering shoulders: At what point does a Les Paul neck go from big to huge (thickness measurement). Most of the Historics I have played are nice beefy necks...big but nothing massive to me. Because they vary quite a bit I hear some folks say "huge" or Massive". Just curious:).
  2. bluesoul

    Wolfetone Marshallhead set

    I hear a lot about the Marshallhead in the bridge with a Dr.V in the neck. What's the scoop on the Marshall head in the neck postion? Thanks!
  3. bluesoul

    CR8 (chambered)

    I am looking at getting a chambered R8 and was wondering if anyone has owned one and compared it to a chambered Faded standard. My 2008 Faded is what I am looking for tone wise! If the CR8 has that kind of sound I am pulling the trigger! Thanks in advance.
  4. bluesoul

    Just to say hello!

    Well I joined in 2009 but will finally begin posting and enjoying this site ! I find myself here quite a bit when I need LP Info! Lots of stuff to dig into!

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