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  1. jkes01

    Pneumatic Fret File

    You guys that work with stainless frets can appreciate this. :rofl:
  2. jkes01

    Lost Tapes of the 27 Club

    Pretty crazy, scary what we can do with AI. Jimi Hendrix Kurt Cobain Jim Morrison Amy Winehouse
  3. jkes01

    DIY Neck Heat Press

    Just watched this video of Dave explaining the DIY heat press and using it on a severely bowed Les Paul neck. :wow: Thought I would share. :thumb:
  4. jkes01

    Fret Tang Nippers for Stainless Frets

    Just saw that StewMac now has a fret tang nippers that can be used on stainless steel frets. :thumb: Different design than the original SM or...
  5. jkes01

    This Made My Day

    Happy Friday y’all :cool:
  6. jkes01

    Songbird: Let the conditioning begin

    I thought Hollyweird was shut down, seems not enough to start programming for the new world.
  7. jkes01

    The Pedal Movie

    Just saw the trailer.
  8. jkes01

    Les Paul Museum

    My old boss took his kids to dance recitals in WI and sent me some pics from the museum. Hearing the stories in this video makes me want to go there and see it in person. Pretty cool, check it out.
  9. jkes01

    Master Volume and Tone with Coil Split and Dual Caps

    Searched and not really finding what I am looking for so if posted somewhere, please advise. :cool: I have a Washburn that I would like to upgrade the pots and switch. It has Duncan Designed 4 wire pickups and was thinking about coil splitting both pickups with a DPDT pot as the tone pot. I...
  10. jkes01

    Ian Hates Guitars

    I just came across this guys channel. I first saw him in a StewMac video with Dan doing finish repair. He’s got a few really long live streams of him doing repair work in his shop and answering questions along with Interviews with other loothers. Some really cool techniques. Check him out.
  11. jkes01

    PSA - Ebony Fretboard Blanks

    I just ordered 2 - 1”x3”x24” African Ebony boards from Woodpeckers @ $35.99 each. About the cost for 1 ebony blank from StewMac and I can at least get 3 fretboards out of one board. :thumb:
  12. jkes01

    Live Q&A with Dan Erlewine

    Premiering 5/22 @ 1PM Eastern. :thumb:
  13. jkes01

    The only smart car I would enjoy driving

  14. jkes01

    Brothers Of A Feather - March 6, 2020

    Premieres tomorrow night. :thumb: Shot live at The Chapel, San Francisco March 6, 2020.
  15. jkes01

    Florida Man... Buys Abandoned Race Track

    Finally, a cool Florida Man story. :cool: I‘ve been following him on YouTube for some time. Some really cool car content. “Hell Yeah Brother”
  16. jkes01

    Wiring Advice for Modern With Coil Splits on Tone Knobs

    Looking for some help with a wiring diagram I drew up for my Epi 339. I want the modern wiring with coils splits on the tone knobs instead of the volume knobs. I scoured the interwebs and really couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I cobbled together some ideas into one diagram. 2...
  17. jkes01

    PSA: StewMac Pre-Cut Fret Wire

    As the title suggests, SM now sells pre-cut fret wire.
  18. jkes01


    Thought this was pretty interesting. Uses a pedal and XLR to supply the voltage to drive the tubes.
  19. jkes01

    Duplicate thread, please delete.

    Duplicate thread, please delete.
  20. jkes01

    Spot Leveling Frets...

    Just saw this new video from StewMac. Kinda gimmicky and pricey, but I can see it being a huge time saver if it works well. Check it out.

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