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    Waffle backs to Grovers

    I have this 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom. The waffle backs are a little worn and I like Grovers. I don't want to drill the headstock. Are there straight fit Grovers ,or equivalent machine heads? I was thinking about breaking off the threaded section on the gold Grovers I have and...
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    Bigsby removal

    I have this 74 SG Special with Gibson Bigsby,which I never use and am thinking of removing. It looks like a stop bar tail will be too far back if I fit one and use the Bigsby screw holes.A ligjtening bolt bridge looks like it will need new post holes. Any ideas how to proceed will be welcome.
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    NGD 70's SG Special

    I just got this.The pots are dated 1377325,so 73-74. I was thinking of changing the bridge, mini's to P90's and removing the Bigsby. I'm not so sure now,it sounds great and is so easy to play.
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    300kg rack pull today

    I am happy. I know its not a massive pull,but I'm 56,have a fused left ankle and fractured three vertabra years ago. I've been trying for 300kg for months. Just had to post it somewhere.
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    thick necks

    I use to have a VOS 57 Custom with a lovely thick neck. Which other Les Paul share that neck size?
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    15" speaker recomendations.

    I just picked up a 1x15 cab and would like speaker recommendations . I had a 1x15 cab with a Fane Pop 60 a few years ago and loved that. Whats good? The old amp and cab.
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    1978 Fender Telecaster for trade.

    Fitted with Bareknuckle Flat 50's and a three barrel bridge.I have the original pickups and bridge,which is a six barrel(optional at that time). The guitar weighs 8.2lb on the bathroom scales and as you can see is well played in.:) Looking for a 70's SG,early Melody Maker or late 70's Les Paul...
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    Late sixties cases.

    This is the case my Custom came in.As you can see the lining is red and it has the Gibson logo.I don't know if it is the original case for sure.I've seen pics of cases which are other colours and without the logo.It also had this book in it.I think there was some other tags when I got it.I'll...
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    Les Pauls I've owned.

    Some of the Gibson Les Paul's I've owned. Only the 69 is left. 69 Custom 72 Deluxe 71 routed Deluxe VOS 57 03 Classic 90 Custom 03? Deluxe 00 Classsic 77 routed Deluxe
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    Will there soon be a glut of old wood for sale?

    The first wave of 50's Les Paul buyers are getting older and might not play any more or need money from their assets. Will we see a sell off as they age and 50's guitars tumbling in price?
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    While the current debates on vintage/historic/regular gear are still raging. I just wanted to say I would give up all my guitars and play a Squier in trade for just a little talent.
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    what should I do?

    At the moment I have three guitars. A 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's staying for ever. A MIJ Fender Telecaster 62 RI with Bare Knuckles Brown Sugars that my wife bought for my birthday a few years ago.It's also the only new guitar I've owned and its also a keeper. A black 78 Fender...
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    machinehead repair

    Is it possible to repair my waffle back machineheads? They still work ,but feel a little loose. /SDC11176_zps89aac385.jpg.html][/URL]
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    angry guitsrist

    I dont know if this has been posted . The Angriest Guitar Player In The World!!! CRAZY! - YouTube
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    The waffle backs on my Custom feel a little vague.They hold tune,but I'd like something tighter.Maybe its just wear. Can they be rebuilt or is it just replaced?
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    NGD 1970 Custom with 69 features.Pic Heavy.

    Bit strange this.Yellowed up and checked to hell.69 serial number 852xxx (hard to make out,but readable at the right angle),no "Made in USA" stamp,no volute,one piece body and the only pot I can make out reads 1377010 . The important thing is it sings.
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    E Bay 69 with goof hiders

    I know this should be in the "vintage" section,but theres a massive crossover with these guitars .Is this a 69? No made in USA stamp or dot over the "I".I thought goof hiders were later then this. 1969 GIBSON LES PAUL DELUXE - ONE OWNER SUPERB CONDITION | eBay
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    Show your Partscasters.

    Almost finished my partscaster. Birds eye Warmoth neck,two piece ash body ,compensated saddles,CTS pots and split post Klusons on order.All that's needed now are some Bare Knuckles Blackguards.
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    My old Gold Top.The Assembly Rooms.

    Heres a clip of my old 71 Deluxe.Its now owned by Ron Sayer.Pickups are T-Tops. Oh how I miss it,but he can get the best out of any guitar. Ron Sayer Jr - I Ain't Leaving - YouTube
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    Can I do anything about this?

    This is what lies under the pickguard and goof rings of my Walnut topped 72 Deluxe. Is there anyway I can even things up? Fade the pickguard stain or blend the faded and under pickguard stain somehow.

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