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  1. LesPauI+SG=Win

    A FREE Echoplex EP-2? Sure!

    So yesterday, I was gifted a very awesome gift from a dear friend whom I have played music with for a very long time. I was helping his son move, and he asked if I've ever saw such a weird green box. I instantly recognized what it was once he pulled it out and sat it down in front of me. He...
  2. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Supro Black Magick Reverb Incoming!

    Well, I have had an increase in gigs lately and decided that I need something that is easily portable. My most portable amplifier that I currently own is my Silverface Super Reverb. The Black Magic checked all of the boxes that I needed, so that is what I decided to go with. It should show up at...
  3. LesPauI+SG=Win

    My $112.50 Vintage Acoustic Guitar Score

    So dig this! Takamine F310S Long story short, this guy sold two pieces of gear for DIRT cheap to me. This thing sounds simply terrific.... I believe it is from 1974. It plays like butter, neck is straight as an arrow. There has been some professional repairs done from what I can see, and also...
  4. LesPauI+SG=Win

    WTB: Player's Grade Fender Blackface Super Reverb

    Hello guys, I currently have a Silverface Super Reverb that I absolutely love. However, I am flirting with the idea of parting with it to fund a "more collectable/desirable" example, but still want something that I can play/gig and not worry about. Send me a message if anyone is looking to...
  5. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Well guys and gals, I have bought one of my dream guitars...

    I have been playing guitar for a long time now, and will be 25 in two months. I have decided to treat myself to one of my dream guitars. I had to sacrifice my JCM800 2203X so that I would be able to fund this beautiful instrument. She plays like absolute butter, even with the extremely heavy...
  6. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Laney Klipp 100W

    Hey guys and gals, I wanted to make a dedicated thread for this amazing amplifier that I acquired back in June of this year. I do not come across many detailed explanations of this amp, so I figured I'd do my good justice to the guitar community. When I first received this amplifier, it was...
  7. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Wanting to share my FarBird! (Firebird)

    I've had this guitar since June, 2018 but have been absent from the forum for a while and wanted to share it! It's just a regular ol' 2016 Firebird (Farbird in KY) V loaded with Duncan vintage voiced SM1 pickups. This thing is snarly, twangy, and just sings! Plus, it's a pretty good looking...
  8. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Gary Clark Jr. SG Thread

    So I did a few searches and came up with hardly anything on this topic. How many Gary Clark SG owners are lurking around in here? IF you're out there, how are you coming along with the guitar? I have owned mine since the middle of August (have not logged into here in over 2 years) and I am...
  9. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Well I'm back!

    As this was my main place to post, I'm finally back guys. And I have a bunch of new amplifiers to share with you all! The two coolest are my 1973ish Super Reverb, loaded with WGS Vet 10s and my Laney Klipp.
  10. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Orange AD30HTC

    I finally was able to purchase one of my all time favorite amps. I came upon too good of a deal to pass up... $650 mint condition... As soon as it gets here I promise pictures and video clips. :fingersx: :wave:
  11. LesPauI+SG=Win

    I own a what?

    A couple of months ago, I gave in and bought a strat. I am extremely picky with Strats, so I got lucky here with a blind purchase off of Ebay. It is a Mexican made Roadhouse Stratocaster. Tinted neck, Texas Specials, and the other usual strat stuff. :laugh2: I took off the stock...
  12. LesPauI+SG=Win

    The best thing you can do for your LP?

    Well besides play it, how many of you have tricked out your Lester with Faber hardware? I put a ABRN bridge, iNsert kit, and their aluminum tailpiece on my Traditional Pro and it absolutely made it a better guitar. It is a lot more "Open" sounding now and has that old airy Les Paul sound. A lot...
  13. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Piece of art - Taylor 410CE Spring Edition

    I have had this for about a month now, I figured I would let the honeymoon period pass before I posted about it. Received it as a early Christmas gift and I couldn't be happier. Every Taylor guitar that I have gotten my hands on has played like a dream and sounded as so. This specific guitar...
  14. LesPauI+SG=Win

    I just picked up a 1978 Marshall JMP

    It's the 50 watt version and full of mojo. The tone of this thing is to die for. I will definitely start using this as my main amp. It's going to replace my 2203x. Someone has used and gigged this amp for many years, and I can tell why. Pictures to follow! :dude:
  15. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Getting around that annoying dirty power buzz.

    I assume that's what's happening to my rig. At a lot of the local bars and outside gigs that I do, I get an unbearable buzz coming through my amplifier. I was wondering if I need to purchase a power conditioner of some sort, or if someone makes anything else to solve this problem, let me know...
  16. LesPauI+SG=Win

    BYO Guitars Custom Shop Tele Build on the way

    I've been seriously craving a Telecaster here lately. I was looking around on to see what all was new and stumbled upon the "Custom Shop Tele kit". I thought it looked very well made and put together. I opted for the 1 piece ash body, so hopefully it'll have some nice grain to it. I plan...
  17. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Does anyone feel like helping a brother out?

    I entered the Joe Bonamassa contest last night. There are some killer players in this competition. I'd really appreciate it if you guys and gals helped me out a little. The more traffic on your page, the more "points" you acquire. I think it's kind of dirty to do it that way, but it's part of...
  18. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Give me the VOX scoop

    I know NOTHING about this brand. I've been offered a Vox AC15H1TV as a trade for my VHT Standard 36 head and Laney cub 2x12. Are these specific Vox's made in the UK? And how reliable are they?
  19. LesPauI+SG=Win

    My bands demo

    Here's our demo that we just finished recording! Hollow Hills - All Right Now (Demo-Cover) - YouTube Hollow Hills - Gimme Back My Bullets (Cover-Demo) - YouTube Hollow Hills - Rocky Mountain Way (Cover - Demo) - YouTube Hollow Hills - Soulshine (Cover - Demo) - YouTube Hollow Hills -...
  20. LesPauI+SG=Win

    Pedal Tuners

    I'm in the market for a pedal tuner. Nothing too fancy, something durable, and something that will get me in tune that mutes the signal. Hit me! :thumb:

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