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  1. eigentone

    Can an EQ fix your guitar sound?

    You've described a situation in which I would try a different technique or guitar/amp settings and/or guitar/amp/pickup/cab. Sure, you could approach a fix using a GEQ stompbox but that's rarely my preferred solution. If you like the GEQ stompbox, then great. It's a difference in...
  2. eigentone

    Can an EQ fix your guitar sound?

    Short answer: Rarely. EQ is a useful tool but, to borrow an expression from recording-land, it's better to get things right at the source. If the EQ is an always-on pedal, then it suggests a change to technique, pickup amp and/or guitar may be a better fit for the sound you are after.
  3. eigentone

    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I am a fan of CBs. I have them in several guitars. That said, I often reach for a guitar with a different pickup for high gain tones. To generalize a bit, A3 is great for dynamics, clarity and mid/high harmonics but I often favor A2 or A5 for aggressive high gain tones. Particularly rhythm. It...
  4. eigentone

    From Zero to Hero - Gibson Explorer Custom '59 Tobacco Makeover!

    Wow! Are you tired of hearing that yet?
  5. eigentone

    EH Hum Debugger?

    When it comes to noise, the best approach is to just not let it in. Try determining where the noise is coming from - or what is introducing that noise. Try electrical isolation using a (good) transformer. Try shielding. Make sure you have quality, shielded cabling. Try it with and without...
  6. eigentone

    Best pickups for harmonics/squeaks

    To generalize: A lower wind pickup gives you (relatively) more highs and broader frequency response. A low capacitance cable also helps preserve your highs. After that, gain on the amp (and a clean boost if needed). Of course, your technique is important. The guitar which is easiest for me to...
  7. eigentone

    FS or FT: Custom Shop R4 Goldtop

    My next guitar will have P90s - GLWTS
  8. eigentone

    FS Callaham Cold Rolled Gibson Stopbar Tailpiece

    This should be my fifth post here. You should be able to message me now.
  9. eigentone

    1964 Fender Jazz bass relic

    8.4 lbs is a light Jazz - GLWTS!
  10. eigentone

    Gibson CC#7 Les Paul "Shanks" (#31)

    Very nice!
  11. eigentone

    FS Callaham Cold Rolled Gibson Stopbar Tailpiece

    I'll message you… as soon as I can figure out how. EDIT: Friend Request sent.

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