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    SOLD 2006 Les Paul Classic 7.8 lbs

    Local PU only. I can't ship at this time. 2006 Gibson Les Paul Classic. This one came original with all gold hardware. It is a chambered model and weighs 7.8 bs on my digital bathroom scale. The pickups are Dimarzio 36th Anniversaries and sound great. Refretted several years ago with 6105...
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    Did I get a "factory second" or "b-stock" without knowing?

    Yep, My 1986 SG is stamped "SEC".
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    Tune o matic....not this ok?

    I've setup some of my guitars that way. I like the way it feels.
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    SOLD - Gibson Les Paul circuit board with 4 push/pull CTS pots

    Gibson Les Paul circuit board with 4 push/pull CTS pots for really cool tonal options. Volumes pots split the coils. Neck PU tone pot puts the PUs out of phase for that cool Peter Green tone. Bridge PU pot is a bypass switch that sends the bridge PU at full output to the amp, not matter what...
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    Complete PA, Lights & Trailer - Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee

    I'm getting out of the business and selling my complete Band PA & Lighting system with Enclosed Trailer Getting out of the business. Selling this as a package. This is a complete PA & Lighting system AND an enclosed 4’ x 6’ trailer to haul it it. This system has been used at many venues in the...
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    Those measuerments are very helpful. I'll check to it CTS pots will fit. Thanks!
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    Definitely saving on labor. Not sure about the limitations. Pretty much a mute point since it doesn't look like the PCB is going to fit and I don't feel like spending a whole evening cutting and soldering wires and trying to figure out the wiring. At this point I'm not even sure that a standard...
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    Dropping in a PCB would be A LOT easier. I think there are four things to unplug, remove the PCB, drop another in, plug things in and be done. Probably a 10 minute install. Also, I see one on reverb right now at decent price.
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    My Les Paul has a PCB but I would like to install one with Push/Pull pots for coil splitting but the PCB requires more depth in the control cavity because of the stacked pots.
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    Well, my stock 57 classics are wired for splitting BUT unfortunately it looks like the Push/Pull circuit board is too tall to fit in my Les Paul Classic Lite.
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    Ah, good point. I haven't even checked my PUs to see if they are wired for splitting. Thanks,
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    Gibson circuit board wiring - all the same?

    I have a 2019 Les Paul with the circuit board wiring. It's just the standard two volumes, two tones. Will a push/pull Les Paul circuit board drop right in or were their any differences that I should be aware of?
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    Stainless Steel Refret on my Les Paul

    This refret was a trade. I listed a guitar for sale on Facebook and Scott asked if I would be interested in trading for some fret work. You can contact Scott directly for a quote: Fat Cat Guitars I know he has people ship him guitars and necks all...
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    Stainless Steel Refret on my Les Paul

    I had my first SS refret many years ago and it greatly increases playability. The frets never get any residue or crud built up on them. They always feel like they just got polished. They are smooth as glass. You really feel the difference when doing bends. My guitars with NS frets need to have...
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    Stainless Steel Refret on my Les Paul

    Just got it back yesterday. First of all, this is a Gibson Les Paul Classic Lite. All the sames specs as a regular Les Paul but the body is much thinner. Took it to my Luthier for a SS 6100 Jumbo refret. Got it back yesterday. Scott from FatCat guitars in Elgin IL has done several SS refrets...
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    The Custom Lite

    I bought mine brand new for $1100 shipped. Sold it because I didn't like the fat neck. I regret selling it.
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    "Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

    Yep. A lot of bitter,, envious comments. They guy can afford a real 59 burst. Apparently more than one. Good for him.
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    2019 Tribute (not Studio) and Classic Lite - honey

    Here's my Les Paul Classic Lite. I also got mine from ZZounds. Their no interest payment plan made it very affordable for me. Less than $100 a month. They currently have a couple of "blemished" models for under $1600. I love this guitar. So comfortable to wear. I've only used it at one gig so...
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    Les Paul - Rick Neilson

    Yep, Aldo Nova had a couple custom made for him. Apparently 12 were made. Aldo Nova has one, Rick Neilsen bought the other 11. Here's a quote from Aldo about the guitar: Quote=Aldo Nova:"This is the guitar that I...

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