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    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    Ah, the new glue it yourself range, that enables the new Gibson owner to use their own preference of glue, whether it be titebond or hide glue. Gibson lovers have been waiting years for these babies!
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    Ohhh sweet Lord who would do this??? (SiIverburst Abuse - be warned)

    Silver burst is.. ok, imho. Not the best, and not the worst. But THAT.. That is horrible.
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    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    Just think of it as a finish option that you don’t particularly like...
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    Your favourite "cheap" LP copy?

    Or an Ibanez artist type thing..
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    Your favourite "cheap" LP copy?

    Washburn idol?
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    Opinions on glue

    Titebond Original.
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    Buying a more modern faster playing Gibson?

    Those thin finish explorers they did, some years back are really light (mine is, anyway) and super comfortable to play, either sat or standing.. How about something with p90s? The 2016(?) LPs (60s Tribute T?) they also did HP versions with easier upper fret access, that year, if memory serves...
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    1952 Les Paul gold top + 1953(?) Fender Deluxe 5c3...serial number 0008!!

    Wow! Stunning guitar and amp. Thanks for sharing!
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    What do you guys think

    I think it looks cool, and it’s a bit different.
  10. W I not a fan of pick guards on some Les Pauls is this cheating ...

    I prefer a LP with the guard on. It’s handy to rest my pinky on sometimes.. sometimes they look ok with the guard off, but I think mine would always be on..
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    String Brands....

    Anything that’s cheap..
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    Whats wrong with Gibson P90?

    I really like Gibson p90s. Then again, I’ve had guitars with cheap p90s, rather than more expensive brands, which a really liked. Gibson ones are great, and plenty of people love them, and more money doesn’t always get you a sound you like.. I would even say the same pickups sound different...
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    Gibson quality going down the drain again ...

    That’s just shocking. I’m shocked. Really shocked. No.. more than that.. :mad2:
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    Tokai Les Paul knock offs

    I paid less than £500 for my Gibson Les Paul. Maybe the Tokai is a really well made guitar..?
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    Are there fake Tokai's?

    Fakai’s? Oh, yeah! Plenty!
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    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    Not a big fan of the nibs.
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    Unusual problem with neck breaks.

    I wouldn’t worry. They don’t all break - not by a long way, and if they do, they can almost always be repaired.
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    Tech quoted 45mins of labor to swap pickups. Does that sound right?

    I think it sounds fair enough..
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    Two Les Paul's to choose from. Should I go with my Heart or my Head?

    I’m thinking that your old guitar isn’t the guitar it was. How long it would take you to come to that conclusion, after you’d parted with a considerable sum of money, idk.. also, seems like he’s asking a lot of money because he fully realised the sentimental value it has to you. I’d go and check...

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