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    Which Grovers?

    I got a set of grover keystone rotomatics to swap out the current gold kidney grovers. However, these new gold keystones holes dont align with the holes on my guitar. If I want to drill a new hole, I would also be double-dipping into the existing hole thats drilled in. Did i get the wrong...
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    NGD: Songwriter Deluxe + Questions

    Pretty stoked on this beauty. Its a 2004 Songwriter Deluxe - Spruce top - rosewood back and sides - ebony fretboard and bridge Got it set up (action was way high) and it plays real well. Around the 12th theres higher action bc my tech cut the saddle a little low and notriced that the G was...
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    WTB: White Gibson SG Standard

    Hi All, Just wondering if any of you have a white SG standard for sale? Thick neck preferred but Im open to options. Im located in the Bay Area for anyone local. Its a long shot but worth a try. Thanks
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    Difference between Studio and Custom?

    On the outset, I know this seems like a silly question, but I'll go ahead and ask it: what is the real-world difference between a studio and les paul custom? More specifically, the alpine white studios that were equipped with ebony boards and 490/498 pups, which are also the current LPC specs...
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    Which Wiring Diagram to Use for 2015 Less Plus?

    Hi - Ive got some dimarzio 36 anniversary pickups that I want to install into a 2015 Les Paul Less Plus. As some of you may know, its a little bit of an odd guitar. It has2 volume, 1 tone knob and a switch to split the humbuckers. Which of these wiring diagrams should i use...
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    Rick Beato Signature Les Paul Special DC from Gibson

    Looks like Rickys getting his own Gibson Signature. I like him, l'll probably go for one
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    Has Anyone Cleaned/Washed Their Case?

    one of the guitars i purchased came with a case that has this weird sweet smell to it. It smells so bad that I cant put the guitar in the case because if I do, the guitar takes on the nasty scent of the case. Has anyone cleaned the inside of their case? Im not sure what to use to get rid of...
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    NGD - 2009 Gibson Les Paul Studio - White w/ Ebony

    Following up on the Purchase or Pass thread, I acquired this 2009 studio when the 1993 didnt work out and I have to say I am quite pleased with this 2009 model. I purchased it for only a little more than the previous 93 model. Its in great condition and doesnt show much wear. It also has the 50s...
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    Purchase or Pass?

    a local shop has a 1993 studio w/ ebony board for 650. Usually i wouldnt think twice but this example seems to be well worn. It also comes with a non-original case. so, MLP, would you purchase or pass on this guitar? Appreciate your input
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    Dimarzio 36th Anniversary

    Thinking about throwing these in one of my les pauls and have generally read good things about them. The only concern I have is that the double cream exposed pups are a fair bit darker than the gibson hardware. Is it better to get the double white pickups and let them eventually age? Does...
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    NGD - 2015 Gibson Les Paul Less Plus+

    This one is definitely a quirky pickup. I personally love the necks on the 2015 line and was specifically looking for this guitar. Got a great price with case from GC. Polished her up and shes a beauty! 1st fret: .86" 12th fret: 1.01" Unfortunately my amp head died and ive been using a backup...
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    Had a pretty close call with my 50s LP where the strap fell off the button even though it was held in place by a rubber strap lock. Luckily, I was able to catch it mid-drop and it never touched the ground. With that being said, these buttons look tiny compared to others and upgrading that is top...
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    Best Way to Touch this up?

    Had my cable looped through the strap and the cable was tugged. This seemed to have chipped off a portion of the clearcoat on the binding. Its in a spot right by the strap so Im hoping to prevent it from getting bigger. What would you suggest? Thanks!
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    1st Fret Neck Depth - A Neck Thickness Thread

    Everyones got their personal favorite style and thickness of neck. If you have a set of calipers, please feel free to add to the thread! It could also serve as a compilation for future reference. Thanks 2004 Gibson SG Standard - Ebony 1st fret: .84" 12th fret: .96" 2020 Gibson LP Standard -...
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    Double Cream PUP Suggestions

    Just scratching the surface of the pickup world and its a little overwhelming not really having much of a reference point. I like the look of double cream pickups and have heard dimarzio 36 paf and bareknuckle mules a lot, just wondering what else I should consider Thinking of swapping out the...
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    Who has replaced their BB Neck Pickup?

    And why? My lp standard 50 sounds muddy/drowned/lackofballs on the neck pickup, the bridge rocks tho. Google and youtube basically confirm this is typical for the BB neck pup. Just wondering if this bugged others enough to swap it out? I can eq it out with my amp but just knowing that I have...
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    NGD - Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

    after endless searching, I decided to just take the plunge and purchase the guitar Ive been having my eye on. The Tribute came first and really opened my eyes to the world of les pauls and really piqued my obsession with goldtops. I love the tribute but desperately wanted a 50s style neck so lo...
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    Your Best Discount at Guitar Center?

    In the last 8 hours I have been to 5 guitar shops and played a little over a dozen Les Paul's and the one that stuck out was a 2019 Les Paul Standard Goldtop. One guitar center offered 15% off for a dents and dings discount while another offered me 10% on a 2020 50s Tobacco burst that was...
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    When does Gibson announce their new lineup?

    Ive got GAS and would prefer to purchase new. Does anyone know when they historically release new gear?
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    Is the Tribute the Best Value Les Paul?

    Given its $1k pricepoint and its feature set, is there a better value? Admittedly, I am new to LPs in general, but it seems that the tribute has most of the qualities of a "true" LP minus the lacquer finish and binding. If I had a criticism of the tribute, it would be the slim taper neck, but...

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