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  1. Liam

    AXE FX new Firmware in beta, Cygnus, sure looks good.

    I've been dipping into the Beta versions occasionally through the development of new firmware version, Cygnus, and I am now running Beta 11. There are quite a few things that are improving a LOT in this development, primarily driven by new algorithms to model tube, OT and speaker dynamic...
  2. Liam

    NGD 1958 LP Jr double cut

    Beautiful example of a "sharp body edge" '58, thanks for sharing. Great colour, grain and checking in the lacquer. Have you had a look under the pickup cover? Guessing it's the traditional setup with the dog-ear cover mounting screws also retaining the pickup itself, but an era in which most...
  3. Liam

    Amp Modelling Software: Reviews?

    Funny you should say that. I'm not really in the market for VST or standalone based amp models, but I have been so impressed with ML Sound Labs IRs and Axe FX presets (not sure if they still do the presets, but I have a couple of sets of them). I would definitely have them near the top of my "to...
  4. Liam

    $30,000 burst - is this legit? The Grainger/Corby burst

    I have a slightly different take. I think it's a genuinely interesting guitar, and while I am 99-100% confident it's creation had very little to do with any Gibson factory, the guitar's true back story is probably a really colourful one. Fakery tends to be as much in the way something is sold as...
  5. Liam

    the AX8 has landed

    I held off for ages, and it was the wrong call. The sooner you get the FC, the sooner you can fully enjoy the Axe FX's potential! Liam
  6. Liam

    NGD: 1959 Les Paul Junior Doublecut

    ( . )( . ), your post inspired me to drag this lazy hooligan back out of his bed today: A little bit later serial than yours, 925145, but similarly has not checked at all. It was really cold in the music room cupboard today, so I got the heating on and let the cupboard warm up really slowly...
  7. Liam

    NGD: 1959 Les Paul Junior Doublecut

    That's a stunner! I have an incredibly similar one, (must check how far away in serial, I think not far) and it's a remarkable guitar. Don't think my one has checked so much yet either. How big is the neck on your one? I have a few '50s Gibsons, and the '59 DC Junior has the chunkiest neck of...
  8. Liam

    Opinions on '56 Les Paul Jr.

    LP Junior tuner posts are plain brass. Those look like nickel plated to me, and the buttons don't look like originals (WD/Kluson reproductions most likely). The seller might be badly informed rather than dishonest, but he values his guitar very high for what it is. Liam
  9. Liam

    Opinions on '56 Les Paul Jr.

    I was thinking somewhere around $3k on looking at the pictures, so I guess I'm in the same ball-park as others. Case looks like an original in good condition, which is worth having. Does the seller mention anywhere that the tuners have been changed? You then have to start wondering if the...
  10. Liam

    How much is “just in our heads” ?

    I have occasionally needed to push the back cover on a little more firmly and deform the tab that secures it a little more to keep them tight. I did notice I'd made a pretty thorough job of this on the original 3-a-side set I put on my old LP Special. They work perfectly. Liam
  11. Liam

    How much is “just in our heads” ?

    My '57 LP Special came with some 3-a-side repro tuners, with string holes a bit big, meaning the sharp angle caused excessive high E breakages. So a few months back I bought a set of aged repros that I know work well. Took the crappy repros off, and fitted, wait for it... a set of mid 50s...
  12. Liam

    1954 Goldtop - Up Close Video

    Johnny, outstanding! Beautiful guitar, beautifully played. Good to see/hear you getting on so well with a digital interface, they really are coming on now. Still need a great sounding guitar with great sounding pickups, but 90% of what I play now is straight into good quality digital. Nearly...
  13. Liam

    I'm having my JTM45 esque amp fine-tuned. Will it sound better?

    It should definitely sound different, and as Matthew says, MV circuit change will be an improvement to most ears (although all the post PI MV's I have tried so far can seem a little thin when turned down low). Your post reminded me of a time a few years back when a friend tried an early 90's...
  14. Liam

    dimming a fender twin reverb.

    The problem is that unless you are outdoors, you tend not to hit the guitar all that hard for self preservation reasons. If you turn everything to 10, and that has to include presence, you can even get a Strat to crunch, more mild than wild though. Not sure how much use it is, I guess it could...
  15. Liam

    dimming a fender twin reverb.

    Had to do this with a rental SF Twin for the singer/rhythm guitar player back in the mid 90s - needed crunch, and he hadn't brought any pedals with him. I was through a rental Marshall 100 watt JMP. A big open air stage, but it was uncomfortably loud within about 30 ft of the amps. Marshall...
  16. Liam

    Considering a 1954 Goldtop-Pulled the trigger on a 56

    Aside from jwinger's comments, there's not a lot that goes wrong with them, but you'd need to be confident about originality to know you are getting a deal. Looking from the UK side of the Atlantic, Carter and Tone Tailor are top end of the money, but for a couple of very top end looking...
  17. Liam

    PAF replica question

    No one mentioned Bare Knuckle Pickups yet I don't think. They have a nice range of PAF based humbuckers, made from some really authenticly manufactured replica parts. I am a huge fan of OX4 P90s, but haven't tried the humbuckers in a long time, right back when they were first being developed...
  18. Liam

    LINE 6 POD - 20 Years Later, Did it age well?

    It was when Frank was getting (and giving back :rofl:) quite a bit of stick that I realised something was going on. When I switched onto the Axe FX II early in 2016, quite a few that know me were taken aback. I was so wedded to Marshall, Fender and Vox classics for so long, and I had failed to...
  19. Liam

    Is this legit?

    Headstock face and Gibson logo look a little weird to me, truss rod cover is set really high even for early LP. Definitely a refret if it's real, they look like medium jumbo rather than thin '53. Selector switch cavity looks to be in the wrong place. The back of the body countour above the neck...
  20. Liam

    LINE 6 POD - 20 Years Later, Did it age well?

    Never really got it at the time, and the video reminds me why. It's kind of variations of "wasp stuck in a jam jar", and OK, the cab sims give a huge variation in size and tonal makeup of the jam jar, but it all lacked subtlety and feel. When the presenter says "it gave real tube amp tone", I...

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