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  1. Dools

    Gibson Memphis '64 Reissue ES-345 VOS Sunburst

    Hi All, I bought this Beauty back in March. I thought I was going to play this Guitar a lot more then I have. I just can't seem to put down my Lesters. Lol!!… Anyways, Instead of letting this beauty just sit in her case, I thought I would sell her here before trying E-Bay and let somebody else...
  2. Dools

    2017 Gibson SG... How do I get it Checked?

    Hello and Happy Holidays, I just bought a 2017 Gibson SG in Pelham Blue and stripped all the electronics and crappy hardware off the guitar. I want to relic it a little bit. I hear Gibson still uses Nitrocellulose Lacquer. My question is: Will the finish on this guitar still check and crack? Can...
  3. Dools

    For Sale: BUZZY “Burst” Singlecut Guitar

    **** Price Drop Till Sunday Night **** Up for Sale is a Singlecut Guitar made by MLP member and master Luthier BUZZ. This Guitar is the 12th LP out of 13 that Buzz has made. It’s an absolute “Gem” Please... NO TRADES..... ****** $5500 ****** Please PM me for any pictures. I have lots...
  4. Dools

    FS: 1996 '57 Reissue Goldtop Les Paul $2550 Shipped

    ********1996 GIBSON 57' Reissue Goldtop Les Paul. ************* Guitar is in Very very Good shape for being 21 years old. Nice "Beefy, Chunky, Thick" '57 Feeling Neck. Very Comfy neck if you like a Chunky neck. Frets are full of Life!! Nitro on body and neck is perfect.. The only checking that...
  5. Dools

    Gibson ES-335 59' Dot Reissue 1982 Antique Tobacco Burst

    1982 Gibson ES-335 59’ dot Reissue in Tobacco Burst. Original Shaw’s Pickups. Nickel Grover Tuners. Faber Locking Bridge (brass and titanium saddles) and Tailpiece. Couple nicks and little worming on back. Look at Pictures. Pictures of Guitar taken Outside really show its True Beauty!!! NO...
  6. Dools

    Looking to Trade: Cream Pickup rings and Poker Chip for Black ones

    Looking to Trade a pair of Cream Pickup Rings with the M-69 and MR491 and MR490 marks inside. Slightly aged. (Not sure who made them. Good quality) for a set of Black rings with same markings. For a Historic R7 if that matters. Also a cream "Poker Chip" for a Black Chip. Rhythm/Treble preferably...
  7. Dools

    WTB: 90's or Gibson Custom Shop Case for ES guitars

    Anybody have one of those Pink lined Gibson USA cases with the Shroud or a later Gibson Custom Shop case for an ES 335,345,355 they would like to sell? Something in very good shape? Thanks In advance :thumb:
  8. Dools

    2015 Gibson ES-345TDC "1964 Reissue" on Reverb

    Selling a 2015 Gibson ES-345TDC on Reverb. This is the Mono Wiring not that Pesky Stereo Wiring.
  9. Dools

    Looking to buy: Heritage H-535 or ES335

    Thinking about a Hollowbody guitar this Christmas. Wanting a Heritage H535 or a Gibson ES335. Those are the only two I'm looking for. Nothing Asian made please. No Red guitars either. Lol!!! Anybody got one they would consider selling?
  10. Dools

    FS: Vintage Gibson Pat Number Humbuckers 1965 **$975**

    I had purchased a pair of Beautiful Pats from a fellow forum member (VonPrikler) last Fall.They were out of a 1965 ES-355. I had sold one of the pups and took the other and paired it with another Pat Number that I had from the same year, 1965. I had put aged nickel covers I had got from Alex at...
  11. Dools


  12. Dools

    2012 Fender Heavy Relic Custom Shop 57' RI Stratocaster

    It pains me to sell this. But, I need to move a couple items. I have a 2012 Fender "Eddies Guitars" 57' Reissue Stratocaster in Seafoam Green that is Heavy Relic'd from Fenders Custom Shop. All Original, with case and case candy. Envelopes are still sealed with the case candy. It's beat up...
  13. Dools

    WTB: A Pair of USA TOM HOLMES PAF pickups

    Anybody have a set of USA made Tom Holmes PAF's they would like to part with? :wave:
  14. Dools

    FT: Creme Aged Wizz Pick-up Rings for Black Rings

    I have a set of Aged Creme Wizz butyrate M-69/MR490 and M-69/MR491 pick-up rings I would like to trade for a set of the same in Black. Wizz or Throbaks.... I'm not looking to sell these rings but am looking ONLY to Trade. I would prefer Rings that would fit an SG only in Black with the...
  15. Dools

    Gold Shaw Covers from 1986

    I got some Gold Shaw covers that I had taken off a set of Shaws Pickups from 1986.... Is there any difference between these covers and say a set from Throbak? Did Gibson use cheap materials on Humbucker covers back in 86 or is it all the same now as it was back then? What I want to do is use a...
  16. Dools

    Higher ohms readings or not for an ES guitar

    I'm thinking about swapping some pick ups in my ES-355 just to see if I like what I hear. Now, some say that Semi hollowbody guitars should have lower wound pickups like 6.5k to 7.5k is ideal... I don't know how true that is. If so why is it better to run lower readings in a semi? If it is true...
  17. Dools

    WTB: "Just The Tip" Toggle Switch Tip

    Does anybody know if "Just The Tip" Toggle switch tips are still around / available? I guess he used to make these from tile? I got a couple and they are very cool for something so small... I just need another one or two if anybody can help me.. I'm looking for the darker Tortoise colored...
  18. Dools

    Just the Tip

    Does anybody know if "Just The Tip" Toggle switch tips are still around / available? I guess he used tile to make these tips? I got a couple and they are very cool for something so small... I just need another or two if anybody can help me.. PM me if anybody knows Please.. :thumb:
  19. Dools

    F/S: Phaez "Ashcutter" 1 of 3 made ***Price DROP***

    Up for sale is my beloved Phaez Ashcutter. Some may ask why I'm selling... I just don't need have so many amps and I'm really digging my 6V6 Phaez SIBLY combo with reverb installed :naughty: I know I'm going to regret it later but I have something else up my sleeve... This amp is 1 of 3 made...
  20. Dools

    F/s: Tim shaw "zebra" 1980-81 pups

    For Sale: 1 set of Gibson Tim Shaw 1980 or 1981 Humbuckers. Zebra bobbins. Clear stamp on back reading: Neck#137-381 and Bridge#137-781 Neck reads 7.37k with 11"+ leads and Bridge reads 7.32k with 7"+ leads. Plenty of leads for a Lester. These are slightly aged also. Will ship free in CONUS or...

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