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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    they do make the custom in the regular gibson line....the white studios with ebony boards and 490/498 pups. Aside from binding and headstock, its just a blinged out studio. I get where this post is coming from. Gibson usa did the custom lites and custom classics in the regular line for about the...
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    Which Gibson to give Away?

    wish you and your family the best. I think any guitar that you give him he will cherish.
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    Overdue NGD(s)

    i like the socks but id suggest switching to white as they have no dye and wont transfer
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    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop

    These are the Klusons I have that are a drop in for modern lps. I think you have to get the one with collars Kluson Revolution 3X3 Locking Tuners, Keystone Buttons - NICKEL
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    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop i have these on one of my guitar. Doesnt keep the vintage look of...
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    Looking to try some new strings

    i used to use daddario 10s but my acidic hands eat through strings - talking about black strings within a day of restringing if you are similar, may i highly suggest elixirs. I have been using them for almost a month now and no blacking or notable degradation
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    Which Grovers?

    I got a set of grover keystone rotomatics to swap out the current gold kidney grovers. However, these new gold keystones holes dont align with the holes on my guitar. If I want to drill a new hole, I would also be double-dipping into the existing hole thats drilled in. Did i get the wrong...
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    Model 50s lp studio sg std Weight 9.37 8.1 Nut Width 1.68 1.68 1.7 3rd Fret Width 1.81 1.82 1.81 5th Fret Width 1.88 1.89 1.88 7th Fret Width 1.95 1.96 1.95 9th Fret Width 2.01 2.02 2.01 12th Fret Width 2.07 2.09 2.08 1st Fret Neck Depth 0.88 0.86 0.84 12th Fret Neck Depth...
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    I REALLY want to buy a 2015 LP Titanium, Zero nut....

    next time you cal them, ask for a 3 point acoustic pickguard. Theyve been useless for me
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    I REALLY want to buy a 2015 LP Titanium, Zero nut....

    I have the both the titanium and tusq xl and would 100% recommend the tusq xl.
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    gold top Gibson

    looks like a 2013 or 2016 50s tribute
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    Was going to return this, but...... Yes Another ---Tradional Pro V---Mahogany Top

    im sure its been posted 100x now but now matter what, any guitar that comes in my possession, new/old, guitar center/wildwood, regardless of anything, even if the guitar was setup prior to shipping - NO MATTER WHAT - i take it to my luthier to get it setup to my specs. I can not stress how...
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    LP Standard --- Silverburst?

    they offer gold, silverburst, transparent finishes, sparkle finishes, sunbursts and solids. They also offer neck profile, pickup and fingerboard options - if i could have those options on the current lineup of gibsons that'd be more than enough for me. Or just offer a standard plus with options...
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    LP Standard --- Silverburst?

    gibson should stop playing games and just give us what we want - like how fender is offering some customization options for a couple hundred bucks extra per model via the mod shop and give us white lps and sgs for under 4k while youre at it
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    NGD: Songwriter Deluxe + Questions

    they are nearly imperceptible to the eye unless there is a lot of light at the right angle. Even looking at these head on and up close, you cant see them. i think they may have existed there before i noticed. I havent had it out much since i purchased it :(
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    as my buddy always says in vegas: "scared money dont make money"
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    NGD: Songwriter Deluxe + Questions

    is this finish checking or cracks? I noticed these today. Should i return it? It wasnt cheap and for a few hundred more can get a new rosewood SW
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    NGD: Songwriter Deluxe + Questions

    all good points, appreciate it! I ordered ebony pins. Is there a certain bone saddle thats preferred or anything works? Thanks

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