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    ES 335 wiring harness

    I have an Epiphone ES-335 Pro (sweet guitar by the way). It came with crappy push pull pots for the volumes, and mediocre pots for tone as well. So I brought it in to a local tech to install a new wiring harness. I gave him the pots and caps and jack that I wanted to use, and told him I wanted...
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    FS: 1962 Gibson Melody Maker

    For sale: 1962 Gibson Melody Maker guitar. This guitar is just wonderful - a lot like a Les Paul Junior, only lighter. Solid mahogany body and neck, gorgeous Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, vintage original sunburst finish. Original frets with plenty of meat left. Like most Melody Makers, it had...
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    Rewiring advice

    I would like to rewire my Epi LP Std PlusTop Pro to the 50's wiring standard. i was planning on cutting off the pickup plugs and replacing all of the pots, caps, etc and doing the whole thing in the traditional soldered manner. But first I had to figure out which wire is which on the pickups. So...
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    NGD: Epi LP Std Plus Top Pro

    i've owned a few Epi's before (90's Riviera, 2000's 56 Goldtop, and my prized 64 Coronet - still have the Coronet of course), but I am mostly a Gibson guy (Historic DC Junior, VOS SC Junior, VOS SC Special, 68 SG Std, 62 Melody Maker). A few months ago, I bought an Epi ES-335 Pro, and have been...
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    New Guitar Day

    So I bought one of the new Epiphone '66 Wilshire Reissues. This is NOT the >$4000 '62 Wilshire from the Epiphone Custom Shop (what is that?). It is an inexpensive Asian made guitar. I don't plan on buying any high priced gear until my 401K rebounds. Anyway, I am no snob when it comes to...
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    The "Girls"

    I brought the girls out for a photo shoot, and had to share. :) Left to right: 2008 VOS '57 SC Junior 1996 Historic '60 DC Junior 2006 VOS '60 SC Special 1964 Epiphone Coronet Are you seeing a pattern in my behavior? P90's rule :dude: [Please excuse the non Historic example on...

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