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    dr vintage vs rsguitarworks vintage vs rs guitarworks modern

    hey guys I'm looking for a little more control, clarity and treble on my studio and was looking at one of these 3 kits for the job, has anyone else used any of these kits what are the pluses and minuses, I may also switch pickups sometime down the road but wanted to see what I could get out of...
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    these tuners suck

    i've tried everything to get these tuners to stay in tune for a whole song checked and lubed the nut change sting types i want to change them, can anyone recommend a good vintage style two screw tuner? :mad:
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    can't decide on a studio

    I'm looking at 3 guitars right now a 98 studio a 01 studio and a 07 studio i was dead set on the 07 before i found out that all 07+ are now chambered so it might be the 98 or 01 is there that much different between the 98 and 01 or is the 07 still worth looking at?

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