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    NVGD 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Doublecut

    I've long dreamed of finally posting a thread of my own in this section, and today that day has come. I acquired one of my lifelong dream guitars today. A 1958 Gibson Les Paul Double Cut Junior. I’m still in shock and am very grateful. It is hands down the best guitar I’ve ever played. It’s a...
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    NAD: 1998 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

    So this is my first foray into the Marshall world. Normally I'm a Fender guy. My first Marshall. At this store (Dave's Guitar Shop) they had both a DSL 100 and DSL 50. I played both and found the 50 to be plenty loud but also had a slightly more likeable tone to my ears. I REALLY love the...
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    NAD Dr. Z Therapy head

    Went to Chicago Music Exchange and I played a few booteek amps, and the one that tickled my fancy was this one. You can get great Tweed crunch or roll it back to a warm clean tone where I use a pedal for all the gain (what I normally do for versatility). I love how beefy it sounds. Running two...
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    NGD R0 Figured Top (pg 129 BOTB)

    This is my new Gibson Custom Shop Figured Top 1960 Reissue that is based on page 129 of the book "Beauty Of The Burst". Got her from Private Reserve, they emailed me two choices of this model and this one was the obvious winner. The other was darker with less red and less flame too. Clear...
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    NGD 2015 Gibson Memphis Custom Shop ES-Les Paul Cobra Burst

    I got this last week. 2015 Gibson Memphis Custom Shop ES-Les Paul in limited Cobra Burst. It's a killer piece of machinery. Does everything I need from twang to rawk. Sounds killer with the MHS pickups, which are unpotted lower output Custom Buckers they use on the regular CS Les Pauls.
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    NAD 1969 Fender Drip Edge Silverface Deluxe Reverb

    My find of the year - a 1969 DR for $300 bucks...guy had it locally in his barn. It was FILTHY. I had to redo the cabinet and grille cloth and I had to scrub it. I've had this for about a month or two sitting around but I had hip replacement and after surgery I sent it to my amp guy who did a...
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    NPD Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

    Just got this little guy while on vacation. I have to say, this thing SMOKES for no bigger and no more expensive than it is. I use it low-to-medium gain for a nice thick tone and it RAWKS. I have a TS9 30th Anniversary to compare it to, I've owned TS808s, and I love the Way Huge Green Rhino...
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    NOAD 1964/5 Fender Bassman (tech advice please!)

    Just got this baby yesterday. Not sure on year. Chassis serial number said 65. Tube Chart says OB code (Feb 65) and Production #2 and AA864. Transformer code dates says 64. Faceplate says Pre-CBS. Here's the amp after major cleaning (also deoxiting). Needs a LOT of repair work - and I think I...
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    NAD EVH 5150III 50 Watt

    Just got this beast of an amp tonight... Wow - such good tone. Got an Avatar 112 with a closed back (can be ported) with a 65w Creamback. KILLLLLLER. Also great with my 412 Marshall cab with 75w Celestions.
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    Songs where the guitar parts/tones is the only part you like

    Can't think of a better thread title but what I'm talking about is songs where you aren't crazy about the song, but are attracted to certain guitar parts be it a riff, solo, or the guitar tone itself. I have a few but my favorite in this category is My Sharona. Berton Averre had KILLER licks in...
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    NGD '64 Special

    Here's my new acquisition. '64 Special with Bigsby and Lollar P90s. Also been recently refretted. It was owned by Clay Cook of the Zac Brown Band. Got it at Carter Vintage in Nashville - an awesome, awesome place! The P90s sound killer and the Bigsby stays in tune! Awesome crunchy rock tone...
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    Favorite Guitar Duos/Teams

    Just curious what everyone's favorite guitar duos are. I personally like it when you have a technician or a more schooled approach on one side, and a more raw self taught even somewhat sloppy guitarist on the other. It's the yin and yang thing. They compliment each other rather than stepping on...
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    NGD 60s ES-125TC Cherryburst

    My new baby. Cherryburst, but strangely with walnut brown back and sides as opposed to the normal cherry. Also Brown headstock instead of black. Guitar Dater Project says '66 or '69, I'm thinking it's the latter. It's an "8" serial number.
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    What Bridge Is This? (pic)

    That's a picture of Waddy Wachtel and his White Les Paul but I've always loved the way that bridge was designed and I've seen it on a couple other Gibsons and I was wondering what model it is and where can you find one? Thanks!
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    Seymour Duncan '59/Custom Hybrid review

    I just loaded a set of Duncans in this Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe. It has coil split push pulls. It's a '59 in the neck and the '59/Custom in the bridge. Everyone knows about the '59 and it's greatness, so I want to talk about the Hybrid. The '59 is the perfect pickup for those of use who...
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    NVGDx2 - 60s Mustangs

    New Vintage Guitar Day - my first vintage guitar day in fact. '65 White '66 Red White one is heavily worn, much more than visible in pic but gawd does it have mojo. The Red one is close to pristine other than a random ding or two. Best clean tone I've heard, personally. And funky!
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    NAD 1978 Fender Vibro Champ

    Just got this in today on a straight up trade with an acquaintance. He bought a computer tablet from me and so I got this. Yes, it's in very rough shape but it's all original with all original tubes and original speaker. It's going to need a new power cord and make sure the caps are ok...
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    Old tube question

    My dad came across a box full of tubes for old equipment at work that were going to be pitched, and he of course asked if he could take them. I have 6V6s and 6L6s and tons of old octal tubes and whatnot out the rear. Mainly power tubes and octal preamp tubes. I found these tubes in the pile...
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    Cc #10

    That's cool! Being a huge Boston fan I love this. Probably can't afford it - but I'm glad they are doing it. Great player.
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    NGD R5 Northern Sunset Fade

    My first Historic! Aimed as a Christmas gift to myself and was going to wait to open it but I decided since I already knew what I was getting I'd just open it now. My excuse for my poor restraint. :laugh2: Anyway it's a 1955 Historic in Northern Sunset Fade. It's by FAR the best guitar...

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