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  1. JM2112

    Les Paul Studio Faded 2016 T With baked maple fingerboard?

    I would prefer the torrefied maple. Regardless of which wood they used it should play well.
  2. JM2112

    Torrefied Granadillo Looks Pretty Good!

    I remember when Gibson put out the 2nd version of the Classic Custom using torrefied maple. The pics they used made the fret board look like it had natural maple. The guitars in the store were a medium brown color. I bought one in Nov. 2011 and with use and periodic conditioning with string...
  3. JM2112

    What's The Lightest....

    My '85 LP Custom is weight relieved and it's still at 10 pounds, but it's still lighter than my '77 and '78. Late 70's typically seem to weigh the most from my experience. I recall there was one guy on here who picked up a '79 or '80 Silverburst that was around 9 ~ 9.5 pounds. That don't...
  4. JM2112

    New Norlin '78 White (now yellow) LPC Day

    A 2011 A 2011 LP Classic Custom with the torrefied maple fret board.
  5. JM2112

    New Norlin '78 White (now yellow) LPC Day

    Congratulations!!! :applause::applause::applause: Got a '78 LP Custom, too, but in wine red and in VERY good condition, too. Enjoy that sweet Norlin LPC!!! :thumb: HNGD!!! :dude:
  6. JM2112

    Incoming....78 Les Paul Custom

    Congratulations!!! My last LPC was just over a year ago, and like yours was a '78 and in fantastic condition and very clean. It's getting harder to find them in such great condition and at a good price. Enjoy that awesome LPC!
  7. JM2112

    Would u trade a Standard and a Studio for a Custom?

    If you love that Standard, then hang on to it. Don't trade it for something with more bling or be lured by something that's new. If you want a Custom then sell the Studio and save some dollars in the mean time. Then make your move for one. The Custom you're looking at will likely have the...
  8. JM2112

    Would u trade a Standard and a Studio for a Custom?

    Nope... I would trade one of those guitars and a bit of cash provided I can play the Custom first and that it plays and sounds better than what I'm trading.
  9. JM2112

    Classic or Traditional?

    For my first LP I was going back and forth between a Standard and Traditional for hours at the store. They were really good guitars, but I was just not sold on either one. I tried a Classic Custom for the heck of it, and it was everything I was looking for.
  10. JM2112

    Classic or Traditional?

    I would first look at what plays best in your hands and sounds best to your ears and then go from there. As far as buying new and USA models I've always preferred the Classics.
  11. JM2112

    Getting back into playing LP's.

    Nothing wrong with the model you're looking at. Other models that are a good value are Classics and Studios. Used is certainly the way to go. If you're patient and look around you can find some really great guitars for less money than buying new. Pay a visit to some place like Guitar Center...
  12. JM2112

    does binding matter to you?

    Binding does have a function to play in that it protects the edges of the wood from damage. It certainly adds to the guitar's visual appeal. The LP Custom is my favorite model, and I do admire the multi-layer binding. The funny thing is how we've all come to expect it. If body binding was put...
  13. JM2112

    Is this Rosewood or Baked Maple?

    It was simply a new wood that Gibson had never used before, and it drove the cork sniffers into a frenzy of complete and utter hysteria. :run::hyper::run::hyper::run::hyper::run::hyper:
  14. JM2112

    Is this Rosewood or Baked Maple?

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: I was wondering how long it would take... :D
  15. JM2112

    Is this Rosewood or Baked Maple?

    Yeah, the raid in 2011 was in August if my memory serves me correctly, and my LP Classic Custom with the torrefied maple was made in Oct. 2011. I also have a 2011 SG Standard made in June 2011 and it has rosewood.
  16. JM2112

    Is this Rosewood or Baked Maple?

    IMHO, the only way you're going to be able to tell without actually getting the guitar is by getting a very close and clear pic of the fret board. Maple is very dense and has very few visible pores compared to rosewood. If you're worried about the torrefied maple (aka baked maple), don't be...
  17. JM2112

    Today I Finally bought: New 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional(Wine Red)

    Congratulations!!! :applause::applause: A very sweet looking Traditional, and the wine red is my favorite finish, too! What pick ups are they putting in the Traditional these days? Enjoy it!!! :thumb: HNGD!!! :dude:
  18. JM2112

    Do you anticipate the price of Norlin's to continue to rise?

    I would imagine that the supply of Norlins in Australia is a bit on the low side, therefore the higher price.
  19. JM2112

    Do you anticipate the price of Norlin's to continue to rise?

    IMHO, the prices of the mid-late 70's Norlins will go up some. For a while they've been the best priced guitars available. The early 70's Norlins have increased, so it's likely the mid-late 70's will follow. Of course the economy being what it is, that can change in a heartbeat. I picked up a...
  20. JM2112

    The case for '77-'83 being Gibson's finest hour for electric guitars

    Well, I do own some and, IMHO, the guitars from this period are my favorites as well. Just top notch in every way. :applause: :thumb: :dude:

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