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  1. rdbear7d

    School me on "metal guitars"

  2. rdbear7d

    Considering buying a 2012 R0, looking for thoughts on the price.

    Hope you get it looks sweet..:yesway:
  3. rdbear7d

    My Historic Makeover

    Man, its hard to believe that top was under of the nicest refins I've seen..cant wait to see more pics after it shows up.....Congrats...:dude:
  4. rdbear7d

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    Very sweet looks Incredible man..good job and Congrats..✌
  5. rdbear7d

    HNGD: '81 Custom Silverburst

    Wow..super nice LP right there..Congrats..
  6. rdbear7d

    So no one was asking for it........

    Cool looking LP..i like it man..
  7. rdbear7d

    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    Love Heritage Cherry and that one nails it..Congrats..!!!..✌
  8. rdbear7d

    1959 Blackburst

    Wow..what a cool guitar man..that's some history right there..Thanks..✌
  9. rdbear7d

    Historic Les 'em!

    My 55 hot mod w/ aged gold speed knobs..:naughty:
  10. rdbear7d

    NGD - 2014 R-8

    Nice..nothing better than a killer looking plaintop...and I'm sure it sounds fantastic..I think I see a hint of flame in there too..Congrats man..:yesway:
  11. rdbear7d

    incoming NGD: Gretsch G6609 Players Edition Broadkaster

    WoW..that is stunning...Congrats..!!!.
  12. rdbear7d

    Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX gets a new life..

    Very nice Explorer..killer price too.. i think Epi. Explorers are pretty much on par with gibson..anyway, Congrats..that is sweet..!!!..
  13. rdbear7d

    NGD: Ibanez RG550 Genesis Desert Sun Yellow

    Love ibanez..I've owned an ESP, a few CS Jacksons, ect..but man these RG's are sweet...this is a 2013 RG3520..what a Great guitar..!!.
  14. rdbear7d

    NGD - Historic 58 2018 Royal Teaburst arrived!

    Very sweet LP..I love it..and yes, the Historics are truly special guitars..Congrats..:yesway:
  15. rdbear7d

    NGD + several months. '57 Black Beauty Ri - Yet another update

    I like it with the all black pups..very cool..that is a beauty...Congrats..:yesway:
  16. rdbear7d

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    Very very nice score..that bad boy is loaded..Congrats..!!!..:yesway:
  17. rdbear7d

    Recommend me a Marshall Plexi style pedal.

    Weehbo Plexdrive.. From what I've heard, these are some of the best sounding pedals to date..authentic tube tone..but pricey and kinda hard to get...Made in Germany.. the Suhr Riot is suppose to be another real good one..
  18. rdbear7d

    Going from tube amp distortion to pedals???

    Weehbo Jvm drive pedal..:dude: The Bogner la' grange pedal sounds like its a bad ass too.
  19. rdbear7d

    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop Heavy-Aged 1968 Les Paul Goldtop 50th Anniversary Reissue

    Wow..just stunning don't get much better than that..Congrats..:yesway:
  20. rdbear7d

    Today, my first R8 day

    That is a killer looking LP.. very sweet..Plain Tops are it..Congrats..:yesway:

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