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  1. JM2112

    Serial Number Question

    Can any of you knowledgeable folks shed some light on dating a Gibson LP with serial number 731###. It's an ink stamp serial. Since this does not fall into the range of the ink stamps used in 75-77, I'm starting to think this just might be a 50's vintage LP.
  2. JM2112

    Nut Replacement Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good luthier to replace a nut in the Baltimore area, and I would consider Washington D.C. and Philadelphia areas, too? I would prefer a bone nut, and my first consideration is someone who will do a top notch job. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. JM2112

    New Norlin Guitar Day!!!

    Well, I got another one, big surprise, huh…?!?!?!? :D It’s a ’78 Les Paul Custom in my favorite single color finish, wine red. As required it has its original T-top pick ups and pots, no cracks/breaks/repairs anywhere. The stop bar looks like it has been replaced and obviously...
  4. JM2112

    Installing pick up covers?

    What's involved with installing pick up covers? Any special materials needed, pit falls to be aware of, common mistakes and don't do's, etc...? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. JM2112

    New Norlin Guitar Day

    After picking up a 77 LPC with its original T-top pick ups back in September and being absolutely blown away with it, I had to find and try a LP with Shaw pick ups. So, after looking and waiting I brought this one home. It's an 85 LPC in original condition, except for the nut. Being an 85 this...
  6. JM2112

    NGD: 77 LP Custom

    Well, I certainly didn't need this, but darn it was just too nice to let it pass by. It's a 1977 Les Paul Custom with a natural finish. The guitar is very clean with a few light wear marks on the back, but considering its age that's nothing. It plays well and the tone is just awesome. The things...
  7. JM2112

    What Set Up Specs Do You Use On Your ES?

    Being new to the ES model, I'm curious to know what specs you folks use when setting up your ES guitar? In particular string height and neck relief... I'm familiar with the specs for setting up the Les Paul, but do these same specs work as well on an ES?
  8. JM2112

    Ngd: Es359

    After picking up a CS356 a few months ago and being absolutely blown away with it, I decided to keep an eye out for an ES359. It didn’t take long for one to show up. I found a 2008 ES359 that looked to be in perfect condition and had its Custom Shop case and COA. So I contacted the GC that had...
  9. JM2112

    NGD Next Week!

    Just pulled the trigger on this ES359!!! :thumb: After getting a CS356 and being absolutely blown away with it I could not resist getting this. Anyone who has owned one, currently owns one, or played one I would like to hear what your thoughts are about this model.
  10. JM2112

    NGD!!! (pic heavy)

    Well, new to me anyway. :D I found this lovely CS356 that was made in 2004. It is very clean and in great condition along with its Custom Shop case and COA. When I pulled it out of the box the strings were not in the best of shape and felt terrible, but regardless, it still sounded great! I...
  11. JM2112

    Just Got A CS356!

    It finally arrived! I've been looking for a nice ES model to add to my collection, and I picked up a 2004 CS356. First impressions are very good! The guitar is very clean and in great condition along with the original case and COA. The playability is great and was instantly felt. :thumb: It...
  12. JM2112

    NGD: Les Paul Custom (pic heavy)

    Alright! I got this new LP Custom on Thursday, and I’ve finally had a chance to sit down to play it, take some pics, and write this post. It’s a LP Custom Limited Run in Faded Tobacco Burst that Gibson did for Sweetwater. Only six of these guitars were made according to Sweetwater, and I was...
  13. JM2112

    Soon to be LP Custom NGD!!!

    Should have this awesome looking LP Custom in a few days!!! I hope to have some very tender fingertips by Sunday evening... :D

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