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  1. Jer

    Wanted: ECP HALLOWED GROUND Pickups

    Still looking for a set of these, if anyone knows of someone selling some Id be much obliged if you could point me in the right direction. Thank you! Jer Hendricks
  2. Jer

    WTB: ECP Hallowed Ground Pickups

    I’ll pay good money for anyone who wants to part ways with a set of these babies!
  3. Jer


    Hello everyone! I am seriously needing a set of these so if you know of any sets for sale please let me know. Thank you! Jer
  4. Jer

    Top Carve Petition

    I know this topic has been beaten to death but it still is very important to me. With all of the things Gibson is getting "Right" on the reissues why oh why will they not get one of the most aesthetically pleasing and important features correct on these guitars that we spend a lot of money on...
  5. Jer


    I will start this off with my 2015 class 5 One-off. This guitar is different than other class 5's in that it has mostly Historic specs. Solid Non-weight relieved back, long neck tenon, Historic routing, ABR-1 bridge, Nickel hardware, nylon nut, '59 body/neck shape, holly headstock veneer...
  6. Jer

    Greetings from the great white north

    Hello fellow MLP members! This is a great community and I am much obliged to be a part of it. I have been playing the strings for 22 years. Since getting my first LP Trad two years ago I have improved a fair bit. This Christmas I got my 2nd LP. It is a Custom shop Class 5 One-off with historic...
  7. Jer

    One-off ngd!

    Okay, I know that this guitar is not technically a Reissue. But it does have mostly reissue/historic specs. This is a 2015 Class 5 One-off. The colour is Boiling Fusion Burst. It is Non-weight relieved, has historic routing, '59 body/neck/headstock profile, Holly headstock veneer, reissue...
  8. Jer

    2014 Traditionals

    This is my 2014 LP Trad. Manhatten midnight blue.

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