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  1. mudface

    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    I have been checking on various guitar sites and prices for Norlin anything has gone nuts. I know this can't keep going..........people wanting $4k for '75 to '85 Customs.........Jebus Crackers!! I bought a 1977 Custom a couple/three years back to replace my beloved 1979 Custom i gave to my...
  2. mudface

    Are You That Guy?

    Are you that guy that has to tell everyone what kind of guitars you have and what kind of gear you run them thru and where and when and how you got everything?? Hours and hours of just talking about your stuff........and most of it Wrong as [email protected]#k......but you insist it is what you say it is. I...
  3. mudface

    What would your wife do with your Les Paul(s) if you died?

    I know this is morbid question,... but this seem to spark my interest. My wife would probably keep them,... even after all the times she had threaten to toss them. Or,... she would give them to family.....I really don't know and i'm afraid to ask. She might sell them.... She kinda knows what...
  4. mudface

    Help identify Kay acoustic

    I was given this Kay acoustic..... the sound hole label is completely defaced. I’m very sure it is of oriental manufacturer.... just no clue of where. It seems to have a ebony fretboard and bridge... very straight and extremely playable..... and very loud. A copy of Martin D model I assume...
  5. mudface

    NGD Desert Star 008 “DC Junior”

    This is another fine instrument made by @LtDave32 and his wife Anna from their shop Desert Star Guitars. This is DSG version of a DC Junior .... Honduran Mahogany body and neck with a Custom Midnight Black Pearl finish. It plays and sounds magnificent. Anyways I’d rather be playing it than...
  6. mudface

    Will Gibson Make Another Collectors Choice Run??

    Just a question to inspire a conversation. I really enjoyed some of the models that were produced, and not all were Les Pauls. What models would you be interested in if the Custom Shop were inspired to commit to another run? Does anyone know if there is a future project in the works? Has the...
  7. mudface

    2019 Original Collection SG Junior NGD

    I got this today and I have to say I am very impressed. The finish is flawless except under the pick guard at the neck joint tenon where it is a little wonky..... the tone is powerful with plenty of clarity. Lots of sustain. A proper SGJr. Some pics.
  8. mudface

    NGD the Fundraiser Junior

    As some may know I was the winner of the MLP fundraiser Junior giveaway. Well I just received the guitar today. First I would like to thank @admin1 and everyone at MLP for such a fantastic prize.:cheers2: Now for the guitar. It is obviously not the vintage sunburst single cut Junior that is...
  9. mudface

    Real or Fake

    No it’s not about bewbs. It’s that time of year and the debate I’m having at home is,.. should we get a fake tree or a real tree for Christmas. Being a traditionalist,... I like the real deal. The journey of finding it,... to the smell of a real tree. I actually enjoy it,... of course the wife...
  10. mudface

    NGD Desert Star B Bender DSG004

    I have received my Desert Star B Bender yesterday. I have to admit that this thing surpassed all my expectations. This is a pic of @LtDave32 posing with it before he shipped it out. The guitar is amazing, Dave did a special neck carve as I like them big. I wanted a fat neck like my R7. Big...
  11. mudface

    random blue highlighted words

    I have noticed that they're are random blue highlighted and underlined words throughout the screen, like messages,.and print, and member.... that when pointed over will produce an ad. Has anyone else noticed this? Or has this been around and i just noticed it?
  12. mudface

    Girl Metal bands

    Yes they do,... and i love the stuff that @Malikon posts of the girl metal bands is awesome.... They rock in Japan!!:headbanger:
  13. mudface

    Custom Shop 1975 reissue Deluxe?

    Has anyone got this GC flyer yet? $3499 for a Custom Shop ‘75 reissue Deluxe. And it’s a tribute,... wtf?
  14. mudface

    Stay safe in Austin Texas

    If any of our MLP brothers and sisters live in Austin please stay safe till they catch this moron doing these senseless bombings.:cheers:
  15. mudface

    MIJ pink paisley Stratocaster

    My new addition to my Fender collection. The awesome tone is what made me bring it home.
  16. mudface

    List of CC (only) Models

    A list of Collector's Choice instruments just in case you wanted to know (blank numbers have no models assigned as of yet). If i missed anything let me know and i will edit. #1 "Greeny" 1959 lp standard s#9 2208 #2 "Goldie" 1959 lp standard s# 9 0629 #3 "Babe" 1960 Bigsby lp standard s# 0...
  17. mudface

    Your CC Compared to the Original

    The real deal '58 serial 8 6787 Montrose Burst on top. My CC#28 Montrose #121 on the bottom. I thought it would be fun to see how close the CC is to the Original it's made to copy On mine the flame is real close but the color not so much (it could be the lighting and camera of course). Let's...
  18. mudface

    Quality Issues on my CC#28

    I bought this aged guitar a few years ago and i am really disappointed in the quality of the finish. Look at the back!........there is a huge hole in the finish right to the wood!!...and along the upper edge, could this pass QC....especially at the Custom Shop. The neck is...
  19. mudface

    1985 Squier Bullet by Fender Japan

    I got a great deal on this mint MIJ Squier Bullet, awesome player with vintage Strat tone can't seem to put it down. Does anyone else have one of these?.........................i got this one for $50
  20. mudface

    NGD..Score!..'77 BB Custom

    I have just picked up 1977 Custom, not mint....a little worn....but it is completely original. The very best part of this instrument,'s a freak'n tone monster!!...I plug it into my set up and BLAM! I got Paul Kossoff tone blasting at me............AWESOME!..............oh, did i tell you...

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