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  1. Indyclone

    FS: Madhouse Designs (MHD) Pickups and some covers

    I've got 3 Madhouse designs pickups here... The double cream is a Homewrecker (13k, A8 magnet 49.6mm pole spacing) The upper zebra is a jazzy type neck pickup (7.3k, A3 Magnet, 50mm pole spacing) The lower zebra is a Soggy Bottom, that had a magnet swap and a name change to a Custom 8 (8.6k...
  2. Indyclone

    FS: 1981 Fender Bullet Deluxe S-2 (Made in USA) Sold
  3. Indyclone

    Airline Town & Country 1959 Sunburst $700 shipped CONUS w/paypal for MyLesPaul members...
  4. Indyclone

    FS: GFS Surf 90 set black/chrome

    Guitar Fetish GFS Surf 90's pickup set in black/chrome (1 bridge, 1 neck) I got them new about a year ago, took them out of the guitar a month ago... I dug 'em, but I just don't have any place to put them now. GFS Surf 90 Alnico II Rockabilly Pickups $50 for the set (includes paypal...
  5. Indyclone

    FS Bigsby B5 with Vibramate kit

    Aliuminum Bigsby B5 with Vibramate I bought it new about a year ago, had it on a guitar until about a month ago... just not for me. $120 (includes paypal fees and shipping within CONUS) I'll ship it anywhere where I can track it... it'll just cost extra.
  6. Indyclone

    WTB - Boutique Humbucker sized P90s

    Title explains it... looking for a deal on a used set of Humbucker sized P-90s. Anyone got anything? PM me!
  7. Indyclone

    FS/FT Epiphone Wilshire Pro Aged Pelham

    Epiphone Wilshire Pro in "Aged Pelham" (Green) I've swapped out the original pickups, pots and caps, and added a Bigsby with Vibramate. The pickups are GFS Surf 90's, pots are CTS500k Audio wired '50's style, and the caps are .047 Mojotone PIO's. All of the original parts (pickups, pots...
  8. Indyclone

    FS - Dirt Pedals

    All in great shape, only used at home, no velcro. (All prices include Paypal fees and shipped CONUS.) JHS Superbolt $155 Mahoney Acid Tone $95 "Green" Big Muff Clone in plain green box $45 Alligatorbling "Red Llama" clone in hand painted enclosure $75 Boss DS-1 $30 I can get you pics and...
  9. Indyclone

    Do I look like I give a f....?

  10. Indyclone

    Douche with a guitar?

  11. Indyclone

    My impression of Mylespaul

    I'm not quite sure why... but this made me think of our lovely Well, okay, I can think of a couple reasons. lol
  12. Indyclone

    FS: Hamer Sunburst A/T (XT Series)

    Chinese made Hamer Sunburst A/T - XT Series. It's got a set of GFS Mean 90's in it that I replaced the covers with cream plastics. I thought it sounded better, more clarity... I also swapped out he pots for full sized Alpha pots. The taper's not as good as CTS, but they're good. The cap is a...
  13. Indyclone

    Boz Scaggs

    I can't say that I've intentionally listened to Boz Scaggs in a dozen years or so.... but somehow I youtube surfed my way to this today... so cool stuff IMO. I love the funky vibe, and his voice just oozes cool. Boz Scaggs - Lowdown_Lido Shuffle - YouTube
  14. Indyclone


    Apparently I'm about to be single again in the near future. I have been with my wife for 7 years and she has 3 kids who are now middle school to high school aged. I was a single dad, until I got married, and my daughter who always lived with me is 18 and off to college now. I really got...
  15. Indyclone

    Martin Kits?

    Anybody have any experience with these? A non-laminate Jumbo with rosewood back and sides, and a solid spruce top for $360 seems like a damn good deal. I've put together a few partscasters and repaired a les paul neck break... but this would be new territory for me. Even if you...
  16. Indyclone

    Madhouse Designs (MHD) Straight Jacket set

    Well, after hearing Malikon's demo of the SJ bridge pickup, I decided I had to have one... I hadn't ever had any hot pickups and figured they wouldn't clean up enough or be versatile enough for me and my one - two humbucker guitar. I purchased the bridge a couple months ago, and really loved...
  17. Indyclone

    NAD 1965 Fender Vibro Champ

    This thing is sweet! It came with a Weber alnico 8 and it's got the Torres "Tweed mod"... which adds some gain. I still think it has a decent amount of clean headroom, especially with the second channel. I don't know a whole lot about these... is channel 1 a "lead" channel, and 2 a rhythm...
  18. Indyclone

    Gorgeous Thinline Tele-parts-caster FT/FS

    This is just a gorgeous guitar, it plays great, sounds great, but for some reason it's just not getting the playing time it should. So I think I'm ready to move on. The body has a 2 piece Honduran mahogany back and a 2 piece flamey maple top. It's routed for 2 P-90's, but I've covered one of...
  19. Indyclone

    Clone's Dirt, a multi-pedal demo

    Clone's Dirt - YouTube

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