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  1. scott1970

    How to identify Southern weed.

    For those of y'all who choose to indulge, here is how you identify the good stuff...
  2. scott1970

    For the Bill Burr fans

  3. scott1970

    It begins today.....OKRA 2021!

    Feel the power, bitches! *not my hand
  4. scott1970

    Slow Sunday fun

    When nothing is going on I like to look for the serious joggers/runners, the ones decked out with exercise clothes, ear buds, electronics strapped to the bicep. I’ll pull up beside them and flag them down. Then, in a serious voice of concern, I’ll ask them if they’re in danger and if someone is...
  5. scott1970


    One of our guys got out with a guy who was driving silly. He didn't have his license with him, but the name and DOB he gave came back with a county warrant so he went to jail on the warrant. A few hours passed, and the jail called to let us know he gave a false name. Turns out the driver didn't...
  6. scott1970

    Majestic evolution

  7. scott1970

    A big thank you to Fracture

    I recently posted a thread about wanting a coffee percolator, and @Fracture generously offered to send one my way. The vintage Corning Ware arrived today, and I'm extremely pleased with it. Also, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a guitar from Fracture based on how superbly this coffee pot was...
  8. scott1970

    New old Stihl day.

    I was taking a break from cutting wood this morning when Dad asked me to come to his house. After asking why I so dirty he offered to give me his old Stihl Farm Boss. Turns out Dad, who is closing in on eighty years old, just bought a new Stihl because he wanted a lighter one. This thing isn't...
  9. scott1970

    Anyone use a coffee percolator?

    Anybody still starting the day with a percolator? I'm tired of the drip coffee makers I keep going through. I love the French press, but it's too time consuming for everyday use. I've decided to go back to the coffee percolators of my childhood, but I don't necessarily want to go with a modern...
  10. scott1970

    My wife witnessed a crash today.

    An 18 wheeler made a turn at an intersection and flipped onto its side. A guy was walking up the median in the intersection and had to sprint out of the way of the trailer and missed getting crushed by about a foot. Oops.
  11. scott1970

    Not how you run a retail store (pants rants)

    In early February I went to a local uniform store to order work pants. The lady takes my measurements and tells me I'll have them in one week. I confirm they are not on backorder, and she tells me they are available. Two weeks go by, so I call and am told they are delayed due to the storm in...
  12. scott1970

    I spent the day doing applicant interviews.

    The pool ain’t what it used to be. My head hurts. And it’s only going to go downhill in the future.
  13. scott1970

    Took a day trip up toward Nashville

    I've always wanted to visit the Hermitage, but it's something I'd never gotten around to doing. Here's the lawn leading up to Andrew Jackson's home. It was difficult to get a decent picture of the house due to trees and the way the lawn was cordoned off. This is the grave of Andrew...
  14. scott1970

    Anybody have any killer tripe recipes?

    I found some at an area Publix and decided to give it a try. I'd prefer a recipe that pares well with okra.
  15. scott1970

    Return of the turnip greens

    My turnip greens partially returned last week. It was unexpected, and I'm pretty stoked about it.
  16. scott1970

    Old bank notes

    The coin show came to town this weekend. I normally buy silver, but I refuse to pay twelve bucks over melt for a silver eagle. So, I went a completely different direction with a pair of old CSA bank notes. What really got me is these are both from the Bank of Chattanooga, TN. The fifty cent note...
  17. scott1970

    Thespian chat...Joe Don Baker

    Prior to today I had no idea he was in Cool Hand Luke. It's a superb movie I've watched several times, yet I never saw him for some reason.
  18. scott1970

    NOTD: baby blue and lightly relic'd

    New old truck day... A few years ago I had an old beater '89 F-150 as a spare vehicle for those times I had to have a truck. For some reason I can't recall, I sold it and have regretted it ever since. I had to borrow a truck recently, and that was the final straw. I saw this one sitting in a...
  19. scott1970

    I have developed a super power, and I’m McLovin’ it.

    Today my guys did a well-being check on a man no one had seen or heard from for four days. We made entry and found him dead. He was a very nude man of corpulent proportions. He’d been dead for a spell and was in rough shape. As we made entry all my guys began mentioning the death stank. When...
  20. scott1970

    Dig today's sunrise.

    I saw this in the rearview early this morning and circled around to snap some pics.

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