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  1. RambleFX

    Cap effect on full pot

    It's easy enough to test this by taking the back plate off and shorting out the cap with some clips. The pot values do matter, and typically have awful tolerances (20%).
  2. RambleFX

    "high overhead" tone from a small tube amp?

    I really like the Pro Jr, but it is more similar to a Bluesbreaker than the typical Fender amp. Check out what Swart has - I have an STR Tweed and really like it. If you're looking for a blackface tone, a Princeton Reverb is a good low power choice.
  3. RambleFX


    I believe the 82Hz refers to the sample rate of the test equipment, not any injected signal. The testing was done with charge and discharge times of 65 seconds, which isn't seen in any guitar circuits. Soakage can be an issue with instrumentation circuits or other circuits with very, very high...
  4. Ramble FX Kismet

    Ramble FX Kismet

    100% analog overdrive/distortion with digital control that adds preset memories, MIDI control, and expression control over all settings.
  5. Ramble FX Marvel Drive 3

    Ramble FX Marvel Drive 3

    Marshall plexi in a box using JFET transistors. Voltage switch that selects 9V or 18V operation without the need for an 18V adapter.
  6. Ramble FX Twin Bender

    Ramble FX Twin Bender

    Based on the legendary Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII with modern upgrades.
  7. Ramble FX

    Ramble FX

    Marvel Drive - JFET based Marshall plexi distorion Twin Bender - Based on the Tone Bender with modern additions Kismet - 100% analog overdrive/distortion with digital features like presets, expression, and MIDI
  8. RambleFX

    question re stacking overdrive pedals

    One at a time, set each pedal to unity gain, meaning that when you turn them on there is no rise or fall in the volume...Now is there a drop when you stack them?
  9. RambleFX

    Which caps

    The tone cap makes no difference if you keep the tone knob all the way up. It's reactance is inconsequential compared to the pot's resistance until closer to the middle of the tone knob position. If you want to effect your tone, check the potentiometers. Not only do they make a bigger...
  10. RambleFX

    Looks like Ramble FX are making a tasty drive pedal

    Did you enter the GIVEAWAY? There's only about 170 people entered with 4 days to go.
  11. RambleFX

    Looks like Ramble FX are making a tasty drive pedal

    Thanks for the interest. Kismet started shipping last week!
  12. RambleFX

    Pedal power draw?

    Sounds about right. The LED is probably the biggest draw in that circuit.
  13. RambleFX

    Pedals that Do Not work well with an FX Loop?

    Yes, loops that aren't attenuated can actually fry some pedals.
  14. RambleFX

    Dunlop cry baby wah pedal sounds really trebbly.

    Not sure what you mean by "should be only the guitar". When the wah is on, there is no position where your signal is unaffected. The wah effect when rocked forward will be very thin and treble-y. Many think a stock Crybaby is too bright at the high end and there are a lot of mods that can change...
  15. RambleFX

    Trying to dial in my tone without mud

    Bigger pots
  16. RambleFX

    Boost versus transparent overdrive... What's the difference?

    I always thought "transparent" was a stupid adjective for a pedal. From a design standpoint though, any drive pedal that includes any amount of clipping has to handle the eq different than a purely clean boost. The Klon mixes some clean after the clipping to expand the eq, and the Timmy has a...
  17. RambleFX

    Top 10 flipped pedals on Reverb

    Projected over a 1/4 BILLION $ this year :wow: Good for them - the people I've dealt with at Reverb have been great.
  18. RambleFX

    Tube-based klone

    Nah, someone would just clone it.
  19. RambleFX

    Tube-based klone

    It would need a minimum of 10 tubes by my count.
  20. RambleFX

    New Marvel Drive 3 demo by Pete Thorn!

    I know! And I specifically told him not to.

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