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    Sweetwater Stock

    Their old blue background photography was much better than the current white background.
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    Two amps/one hand transportation

    Guitar in gig bag strapped on your back, pedalboard in Gator GK-2110 bag slung across your shoulder, an amp in each hand.
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    Problem with Finish on 120th Anniversary Les Paul Traditional

    Omg! I've never seen anything like this before! Contact Gibson nonetheless, it's worth a shot and you might get lucky.
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    Any fans of the GC/MF Special Limited Edition?

    I've got the 2015 GC/MF Exclusive Les Paul Special Pro
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    Need Pro Tip - How to file Fender Fret ends/tangs sticking out of the neck

    Stick painter's tape over it and file through the tape:
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    Epiphones are defective according to my recent buyer

    Find a pic on Sweetwater that shows the same scarf joint. Also, inform Reverb and let them handle it.
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    Weird things we love about Les Pauls

    I love how the neck has a ~4 degree angle where it joins to the body, so the body actually kind of wraps around your hips, getting out of the way, when you play it.
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    NGD - Martin 000CJR-10e

    Omg, if you hate playing acoustic guitars, you've got to try this. It is 24" Scale Length, so not as small as Baby Taylor or Little Martin. It is so easy to play, I have played it non-stop since I received it and my fingers do not hurt a bit! On top of that, it plays and sounds at least 10x...
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    Boss GT-3 vs other OD/distortion pedals

    If you live close to a Guitar Center, you could pick up a BD-2 and A/B it with your GT-3 Blues OD, return it if it doesn't sound any better. If you're looking for a good Blues OD pedal, Danelectro Billionaire Pride of Texas is sweet, and you can pick it up for $55 at Ebay right now.
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    Attenuator Suggestions?

    However, the Captor X's attenuator has only 3 settings (2 fixed levels of attenuation): -38dB, -20dB, and 0dB , you cannot dial it down to exactly what you need. When I used to own the original Captor (which has only -20dB attenuation), the attenuation feature was pretty much useless to me.
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    Attenuator Suggestions?

    This works great for me and my Mesa Boogie Express Plus 5:25 -
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    Anyone have a NoNeck Strat?

    The Vintera Road Worn 50s Stratocaster comes close to it. It's a soft V and substantially thick, although it does not feel as thick as that of the 50s Tele when I tried it.
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    Is this Martin neck ding easily repairable (and how)?

    I just got a new Martin Junior and it came with a ding in the neck (see pic). The neck is satin finished, the ding goes slightly into the wood. It scratches my skin when I play it there. Can this be easily repaired, and how would I repair it?
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    THR Confusion!

    THR 5, 10, 10C and 10X were the original models, I don't think they are being sold anymore. Out of these, 10X was the best sounding. The ones with the II suffix are new, and the A suffix are Acoustic amps. I don't have first hand experience of the new amps, but from what I've read, the II...
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    Standard vs custom

    I prefer the original Dave Amato model:
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    Anyone have a NoNeck Strat?

    The Vintera Road Worn 50s Tele has a similar thick U ‘boat’ neck.
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    LP Standard --- Silverburst?

    There's also this one -
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    Sweet! That R5 neck must be pretty wide though. What does the case look like? How does it get broken if it is a soft case?
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    Show us your shredder!

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