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  1. SlingBlader

    Cherry and ziricote Strat build

    Sometime this spring I decided that I would make a Strat for my buddy, Mike. We discussed what he wanted vs. what woods I had readily available. We both agreed that we would try to use what I had on hand to keep costs down. When I built my cherry strat this winter/spring, I built 2 necks. The...
  2. SlingBlader

    Precision Bass Build

    Hi everyone. I already have this bass build completed, but I thought that there may be some interest in a "condensed" build thread. I'll make several posts with some progress pictures along with some explanations where necessary. I didn't have any templates, so I broke down my mid-90s P bass...
  3. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    This winter I'm undertaking a couple of build projects. I've already started a build thread here for my Cherry Strat build. This thread will document my take on a a Les Paul Special DC. One of the primary goals for my winter builds was to keep the costs to a minimum. So, I'll be using as many...
  4. SlingBlader

    Cherry Strat Build

    Hello everyone. I have a couple of winter projects in the works and thought I'd post a couple of build threads to document the progress. As I learn to build, I wanted to fill in gaps in my instrument collection. Right now I'm lacking in the single coil category. So this thread will cover my take...
  5. SlingBlader

    5 String Bass Build

    I've been working on a 5 string bass build off and on over the past year and it's now getting into the final stages of the woodworking phase. I'm not sure if anyone has any interest in a bass build (this being MLP and all), but it has been a little slow around here lately. :D Here are the...
  6. SlingBlader

    When to Level and Crown Frets on a New Build?

    Just looking for opinions on what stage in the building process is best to level, crown and polish frets? I'm assuming that experienced builders wait until the end... but I'm wondering if I should do it prior to finishing since I'm a noob? I can see pros and cons to either way. I asked this...
  7. SlingBlader

    My first build(s)

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking here for years... literally. I started woodworking around 7 or 8 years ago and began kicking around the idea of guitar building soon after. I've been a bass player for nearly 40 years, so I have some decent basses, but only one marginal electric guitar. Frankly...
  8. SlingBlader


    This is only a test. :wave: But yeah... tacos. :naughty:
  9. SlingBlader

    Hello from Northern Indiana

    Hi, my name is Gary and I've been hanging around here for a while now. I currently work in IT for a living. In a past life I was a bass player, touring for around 10 years. I've always noodled with guitar, but I'm certainly not a great player. A couple of years ago, I dove headfirst into...

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