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  1. juca

    Les Paul Classic 2019 Static Electricity

    Hi, This was already asked a few times, and I had this problem one with a Studio that I had to send back. Anyway, my new Classic 2019 has that cracking sound when I pass my hand on the body. Not much but enough to be distracting. Also happens on the pick guard and that's worse because it...
  2. juca

    All Katana Sounds You Can Imagine!

    Well, almost all! I create custom tones based on artists or specific amps. Check the playlist: You can also check my website: Many thanks for your time :) Best regards, Juca Nery
  3. juca

    Tone woods. Sorry I had to get some input.

    After getting tired of watching Scott Groove on Youtube, I'm also reluctant... There are some things that make sense... I don't like him and he hates this forum along many other things. The guy is an idiot. He could try to prove is point with some manners... Whats going on? I do believe...
  4. juca

    Thoughts on Speed Knobs with Pointers

    So I fitted pointers on the speed knobs of my Trad from 09. I had top hats to fit too, but I couldn't find the right way to install them, because of the height. Anyway, I also fitted some dunlop strap locks. What you guys think? Cheers
  5. juca

    Knobs Replacement. Please Help.

    Hi everybody, I bought top hat knobs to replace the speed ones on my Trad. I read here somewhere that, and I tested it myself, and it's not so simple. They sit too high on the pots and body. Do I have to open behind and somehow lower the knobs? Any guided explanation would be great! :) I...
  6. juca

    Gibson Top Hats

    So I bought a Gibson Kit top hat knobs for my 09 Traditional. But they stay too high! Is there any workaround, or do I have to choose a specific model? I thought they were universal for Les Pauls. Many thanks in advance.
  7. juca

    Hayden Mofo 30 Amp. I had to ask for help..:)

    Anyone? What do you guys think about this amp? The deal here would be a trade from a Marshall VM Combo to a Hayden Mofo 30 and a 2x12 Engl cab with Celestion vintage 30's. I really need help! I like my marshall, but it's not very versatile. And I don't need 50Watts. Many thanks :)...
  8. juca

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Mahogany Custom Shop

    Email from Gibson: "The serial number and photos are in fact a Gibson Les Paul Classic Mahogany Heritage Cherry Sunburst color with nickel plated hardware, made in 2001 in the Custom Shop in Nashville. This guitar was normal only in production between 2000 and 2002. For your information...
  9. juca

    Each day I'm more and more convinced that tone is at your fingers

    First, I'm now happy with the 50's neck on my Trad. I posted a thread before this one where I was having issues playing the 50'neck. Well, not anymore after a few days testing everything I could and realising that I could also do it on my LP :) So I'm happy:thumb: Regarding this thread, and...
  10. juca

    I'm still upset with the 50's neck!

    I mean, I love my traditional, but I find it harder and harder everyday to play more complex stuff. Anyone with me? Can I shape the neck?
  11. juca

    Doug Aldrich Les Pauls

    Hi, anyone knows what kind of neck he uses? A 50 or 60's profile? Many Thanks
  12. juca

    A Bad Day for my Trad??? What I've Found!!! MANY Heavy Pics!! Please Read and See!!!

    I have already created a few threads about this issues. Now I decided to put them all together. I love the Guitar, sounds superb, but... Check for yourself what I found out after a year... Are you somehow related? Did you inspect your Les Paul properly...? Quality control at its best ;)...
  13. juca

    Les Paul Trad Binding on the back cracking all over the place!!!

    The back of the guitar binding is cracking all over the place! I keep it in a good place out of the case. But the weather here is very agressive. Is it going to crack more? The pictures are not the best, but I count at least 15 to 16 cracks...I used photoshop to see it better. I have a 3...
  14. juca

    iPhone app simple sketch

    Hi, just to give an idea of what I would like to see. Of course, with other icons, colors, etc. The check in point, would be for gig's :) You play and the members of the forum would be notified, and you could upload pictures of the gig.
  15. juca

    Wouldn't be cool to have an iPhone/iPod/iPad mylespaul forum app...? No...?

    Hello guys, I would love to have an app for this great forum :) I could develop it myself, but I would need authorisation and people that would like it too :) It just crossed my mind...:hmm: Cheers
  16. juca

    Anyone wants to hear and see my LP Trad + Vintage M.?

    Hi guys, what do you make for this kinda of tone...? I never played very old Marshalls, but I assume this is a vintage sounding one. Check it out: (Ignore the part I'm talking...:D) YouTube - Slow Blues
  17. juca

    Sometimes I like to shred, but on a 50's profile neck...I mean, I love Les Pauls!

    From an Ibanez, to a strat (still own it) to the Les Paul's. The latest one a Traditional. It feels great and sounds great but it's so hard to play fast and accurate past the 12 fret... I'm getting Just to share with you you guys...
  18. juca

    Neck Joint Wood Color question (Pics)

    Hi, is this normal? Around the neck joint the wood is light colored. It seems they made a bigger hole and then fixed it I really don't know...
  19. juca

    Little crack on binding glue, should I be concerned?

    Should I be concerned about this: Why does it happened..? Les Paul Traditional Ice Tea 09
  20. juca

    My new LP traditional + Marshall Vintage Modern

    The first video with the Vintage Modern, hope you guys enjoy :) Cheers YouTube - Marshall Vintage Modern plus Gibson Les Paul Traditional

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