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    Tubes for Marshall

    I own a Marshall 3203. The power amp uses tubes (1x ECC83/12AX7 & 2x EL34) and I think it is time to swap the tubes. Any recommendations for the best tubes for Marshall amps?
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage 80 Bridges

    My Standard Heritage 80 Les Paul came with Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge Does anyone build studs that fit in Heritage 80 bushings that allow drop on replacement for an ABR-1 bridge?
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    2x12 Stagecraft Speaker Cabinet or Marshall 1936

    Looking to get a 2x12 cab to replace to two 1x12 I'm currently daisy chaining. 1. 2x12 Stagecraft Speaker Cabinet with WGS ET65 and a Veteran 30 speaker (cheaper but an hours drive) or 2. Marshall 1936 with Celestion G12T75 (5 minute drive away but $200 more) My only concern is the 1936...
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    WTB Fender Telecaster Body

    Looking for a Fender Telecaster body (natural, butterscotch blonde) for a 52 blacktop build. thanks
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    WTB: Fender Stratocaster 3-bolt body

    I have a 1979 hard tail Strat but it is so god damn heavy Looking for either either a 70's reissue body with tremolo or an actual 1970's body
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    Eric Johnson v. Eric Clapton

    Looking to get a loaded body to match with my favorite Soft V maple neck. The Johnson is lighter by a few ounces and the pickups are obviously different, point being: is it worth the extra $50 to go for the Johnson body over Clapton? Both are black alder bodies
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    WTB - MIA Fender Stratocaster Soft "V" Shape - Maple Fingerboard

    SSIA. Anyone got one floating around to sell?
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    WTB: 52 Reissue Telecaster Neck & Tuners

    American Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster Neck & Tuners- American Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster- 1-Piece Maple, "U" Shape If anyone got an extra they are looking to unload, send me a PM
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    WTB: MIA Telecaster Rosewood neck

    Looking to replace the MIM Rosewood neck with an MIA. I am open to any size neck Prefer a neck with tuners but can always switch out the Vintage-Style I have on the MIM. Rather pay a MLP member than the prices on Reverb and such.
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    WTB Late 1970's 4 Bolt Maple Strat neck

    Looking for 1977-1979 bullet truss rod maple Fender Stratocaster neck (late 1970's) that has been altered for 4 bolt bodies. I really don't want to spend money on a 3 bolt neck and drill holes. I have a Rosewood 1979 neck and I really dig the thick neck of the late 1970's Strats.
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    WTB Gibson Tim Shaw Cream Pickup(s)

    I once had a Tim Shaw Cream Pickup on a Les Paul that I traded away and looking back I should have kept that pickup, so..... I am looking for a 1980 or 1981 Tim Shaw Cream Pickup(s) to put in the bridge of my 1980 Les Paul. Thanks
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    Loaded Stratocaster Pickguards

    I have a 1979 Hardtail Strat that I'm looking to get get a loaded pickguard to replace what I have now. I know Callaham sells loaded pickguards but wondering if anyone know of other venders?
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    1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard - North New Jersey

    I just don't see the need to have two Les Pauls, and the 1980 Heritage is the keeper. I PREFER LOCAL SALE - I DON'T WANT THE HASSLE OF SHIPPING 1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Near complete remake. The top was refinished by the original owner, and the electronics were completely redone as...
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    Fretless SG

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    2004 Gibson Custom 1959 Les Paul Jimmy Page #7 - Aged and Signed

    For $100,000? Is this for real? 2004 Gibson Custom 1959 Les Paul Jimmy Page #7 - Aged and Signed | New Arrivals | Wildwood Guitars
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    T-Tops $300

    Up for sale is a pair of T-tops with a plain base plate (which should indicate they are from 1974/1975). I don't see any evidence of prior sticker or ink stamps. The covers fit but obviously never soldered on. One of the T-tops is missing a block (which I think was done when the ground was...
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    1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Up for sale is a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard. This guitar was bought from a forum member (original post here near complete remake. This was refinished by the original owner, and the electronics were...
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    1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Up for sale is a 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom As you can see, the pick guard and rings have been changed to white as well as gold speed knobs. The original plastic/knobs are somewhere in the house but can't locate them. Everything else as far as I can attest to is original (i.e. chrome...
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    FS -1980 Gibson Les Paul (Local - NJ)

    1980 Gibson Les Paul "Standard" Goldtop. This started out as a Deluxe and had the following popular early 1980's modifications made: 1. Routed for full humbuckers 2. Kahler Tremolo installed 3. Out-of-phase switch installed. Since I got it, I had the following work done by DGN Guitars...
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    FS - Pedal & Pups

    HAZ Laboratories Mu-Tron III+ Envelope Filter Pedal. $100 Does not come with power chord Shaw era pick ups $100 each unstamped Shaw pick ups. Short and long legs 1981 code stamped pick up (423 281) Jan 30, 1981 date stamped pick up

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