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  1. Dools

    FS: A set of double white Timbuckers with covers

    just checkin' in
  2. Dools

    FS: PHAEZ 2 channel HRM/Blackface 10 Watt Head

    So sorry to hear this
  3. Dools

    For Sale: 2009 R9 50th Anniversary Les Paul w/ Gold Cert. "Dark Burst" Historic Makeovers

    I maybe interested. That's a Beauty!!! What pickups are in it now?
  4. Dools

    Overdrive pedals and pickups!!

    That Ethos is an AWESOME Overdrive!!!!!
  5. Dools


    Great amp BTW
  6. Dools


    I'm in!!! I want!! PM Sent Actually disregard that PM Sorry!!!! I actually am looking for a Red Plate Blackline
  7. Dools

    1957 Gibson Wiring Harness, Vintage Les Paul

    Alex, I'm still interested if its available
  8. Dools

    WTB: JBL D-120F

    That's Exactly right! Duane used the D120's exclusively. He also played through a Blackface circuit and not the Marshall like every believes
  9. Dools

    WTB: JBL D-120F

    Pm me. I got a guy who can hook you up. I got 5 of them
  10. Dools

    59 Singlecut

    I’m interested!!
  11. Dools

    1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tobacco Player w/ some issues $1400

    Set it up for slide and "call It a Day"

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