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  1. Emerald

    Famous and rare Washburns

    Two incredibly rare 1993 Washburn Steve Stevens guitars formerly in the private collection of ex-CEO of Washburn Rudy Schlager and the present owner is offering them for sale. First is a Washburn SS 80 Barbarella graphic by Jim O'Connor, built for Steve Stevens but he left the company before it...
  2. Emerald

    Anyone attend the 1992 LA gig by Gary Moore?

    In the UK through Facebook there has been a grassroots movement hosting a Gathering For Gary in his adopted home of Brighton, England. The weekend of Gary's birthday surrounding the 4th of April there are tickets for sale and many of Gary's fans are banding together to raise funds for a statue...
  3. Emerald

    Gary Moore owned Heritage CM-150 for sale

    Gary Moore's famous Heritage CM-150 used on the After The War and The Still Got The Blues tours has come up for sale in England. It was purchased from the seller in 2007 when Gary sold the guitar through GAK in Brighton. GAK is guitar and keyboard center. They are selling it for the current...
  4. Emerald

    History of Gary Moore guitars and equipment 1969-89

    Rough draft here of history of Gary Moore's guitars and equipment from roughly 1969 through the end of his rock period 1989 After the War. Guitars, amplifiers and equipment used by Gary Moore in the period from 1969 through 1989. Gary received his first guitar, an acoustic at age 8. At 14...
  5. Emerald

    15 Marshall vintage head shootout

    Here is a cool shootout with a 2008 R9 and multiple Marshall heads from 1965-71 including a 2005 HW which holds it's own well! All through the same cabinet: Emerald
  6. Emerald

    Questions for Gary Moore's guitar tech

    I have been given the opportunity to ask some questions of the late Gary Moore's guitar tech and manager Graham Lilley. Does anyone here have any behind the scenes questions they might want answered. I wanted to know when Stripe got the Grovers fitted for example. I have been helping with the...
  7. Emerald

    Metropoulos Metro-Plex 100W amp

    Forgive me if I have posted on this incredible amp before but I must share with you some awesome clips of George's new competitor to the feature laden 100W amp market. It has the total quality (museum grade) handbuilt Metro quality and for those seeking the ultimate in flexible plexi tones this...
  8. Emerald

    Paul Kossoff Guitar Interactive edition

    Just out on line is the excellent Guitar Interactive magazine featuring the late great Paul Kossoff. This magazine is from the folks who bring us all the jam and lesson videos. Guitar Interactive Magazine - Guitar Interactive Issue 31 digital edition I understand that 'Uncle' Phil Harris is...
  9. Emerald

    New Metroplex Metro amp JD Simo demo

    Here is the first clip of George Metropolous' latest amp with many features, plexi mode, variac, master volume to name a few. Great sounding 1960 LP Standard "Red Eye" played by J.D. Simo. Around $3.5K for this glorious amp. Emerald
  10. Emerald

    Gary Moore some thoughts from my late web blog

    I had a web blog titled Dave On Rock up until 2012 when I had to fold it but I wrote quite a lot about Gary Moore one fo my main influences since the eighties. I thought members here would like to read them, here is the first one, this is when the question of Gary's spirituality was raised...
  11. Emerald

    Guitar Interactive Magazine Tribute To Gary Moore

    The most excellent UK based web/magazine from the folks at Lick Library have published a tribute to gary around the date of his birthday. Of course one has to suffer through the inevitable 'Uncle' Phil Harris appearance as he has become the world's expert on Greeny apparently. I know Gary has...
  12. Emerald

    Mr. Black Tunnelworm TZF

    Through zero flanging is the way to go and this recent demo on Queen's "Keep Yourself Alive" demonstrates subtly it's effect. More extreme use would be the sound if "House Burning Down" by Jimi and "Itchygoo Park" by the Small Faces. The Paradox TZF which I always wanted is no longer...
  13. Emerald

    Mr. Black Tunnelworm TZF

    Through zero flanging is the way to go and this recent demo on Queen's "Keep Yourself Alive" demonstrates subtly it's effect. More extreme use would be the sound if "House Burning Down" by Jimi and "Itchygoo Park" by the Small Faces. The Paradox TZF which I always wanted is no longer available...
  14. Emerald

    Gary Moore's grave headstone

    Sadly but with good memories here is Gary's headstone fitted. I miss him most every day, rest in peace my friend... Emerald
  15. Emerald

    Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore Reissue

    Humble Pie's new remastered 4 disc set with all 4 shows, just massively awesome and great presentation box. Love this live album always have. Emerald
  16. Emerald

    Scholtz Power Soaks

    I have a general question regarding the use of the Scholtz Power Soak attenuators or resistive load. I have looked at THD Hotplates, like the sound of the Friedman STFU, but not that much for $1K lol. I need to tame my 2005 Marshall 1959HW head and I have heard that the PS does slightly alter...
  17. Emerald

    Gary Moore Rare Videos

    Besides Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore was the biggest most personal influence on myself and my guitar playing. Just the sheer emotional content of his playing besides his unbelievable technical prowess transported me to another happy place! His always being on top of his gear and his penchant for...
  18. Emerald

    Squidbillies any fans out there?

    Due to my occasional insomnia I have watched Squidbillies on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Unknown Hinson plays Early and he is a great geetar player himself. Show cracks me up no end.. Emerald
  19. Emerald

    Bernie Marsden CC#8 The Beast review

    Anderton's Music's usual Monty Python style review of the Bernie Marsden Beast Gibson Collector's Choice #8 - The Beast Les Paul Demo - YouTube Emerald
  20. Emerald

    Stripe, why not!

    Let's discuss Gary's favorite guitar out of his Les Paul's that is the iconic Stripe #9-2227. I hope to have some moore new info on the old girl soon so I wanted to start a thread featuring this incredible sounding guitar that truly found a guitarist who was it's master! From Montreux 1995...

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