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  1. Mr Insane

    Line 6 HX Update 3.1

    An exciting update for sure. I heard some youtube clips of the Rockerverb model, it can sound pretty good. I experimented with the new hall reverb last night, it is now my reverb of choice for ambient playing. Was most excited for the Retro Reel tape effect. With home studio recording and...
  2. Mr Insane

    Will the Helix LT fit in the Headrush backpack?

    A backpack would make transporting my Helix to-and-from easier. But I am a cheapskate and am not paying $170 for the Helix backpack. The Headrush backpack is $99. Will the Helix LT fit in it alright?
  3. Mr Insane

    NGD - LTD EC-256

    The only thing I am going to change out is the crappy aftermarket pickup in the neck position. No complaints about the hardware. I haven't noticed any issues with the nut. I am very picky about fret quality. No issues on this guitar. This one was used and listed for $399 USD, and I just...
  4. Mr Insane

    NGD - LTD EC-256

    I debated whether to post this here or The Other Guitar's section, but I'd say the body shape annoys Gibson enough and you guys in this section are cooler to talk with anyway. I was starting to want a cheaper humbucker guitar for gigs when I didn't want to worry about bringing my Gibson. An LTD...
  5. Mr Insane

    Belated NGD - 1980 Greco EG500C

    really cool finish!
  6. Mr Insane

    Code 25 speaker swap

    You might find that speaker coloring the sound of the profiles too much. With modeling systems like the Marshall code, you typically want a FRFR speaker.
  7. Mr Insane

    NGD 1989 Orville by Gibson

    Looks like a great guitar, probably excellent to play I imagine
  8. Mr Insane

    Half hearted question on best way to age/relic

    Yep, that Sweetwater. Their HQ has a guitar repair workshop. It will remain black
  9. Mr Insane

    LP heel crack - Thoughts?

    The way I look at it, there are plenty of guitars out in the world in good condition. So unless it has been marked down insanely, I'd look for something with no worries.
  10. Mr Insane

    NGD - HoG 60th Anniversary R9

    Everything about that guitar is stunning
  11. Mr Insane

    LP heel crack - Thoughts?

    It would be a concern to me and I'd pass
  12. Mr Insane

    Incoming NGD: 60s Lemonburst Standard

    Sweetwater reps are the best in the business. Yeah, they might call or email you after you order a cable. But their experience in understanding the customer is second to none. If I need a guitar part, my rep knows what will work. If I have a drum software question, he has the answer off the...
  13. Mr Insane

    The internet is full of gear opinion parrots

    I never had them in the same cab, but I did split the signal into two separate cabs with a V30 and 70/80. The V30 sounded better by itself, the 70/80 sucked.
  14. Mr Insane

    The internet is full of gear opinion parrots

    I had a Celestion Seventy 80. It sucked.
  15. Mr Insane

    Locking tuners - how are your experiences?

    I bought a locking set because the original tuners on my LP wore out. The higher gear ratio lets me tune more accurately. But a locking set won't fix the issues of a poor set up or improperly cut nut.
  16. Mr Insane

    Five figures for a guitar...

    If I become super rich, I will buy that super expensive SG covered in fugly diamonds And don't think I'm going to do anything sensible like put in a display case. I'm going to use it as a cutting board or something. I tune out whenever I hear someone complain about the spending habits of...
  17. Mr Insane

    Les Pauls are AMAZING guitars... BUT...

    When I was first shown a Les Paul, I considered them too "bulky" Since then, an LP is my number 1 and Strats feel a bit off to me.
  18. Mr Insane

    Pros and Cons of 3 Humbuckers

    I know of someone who turned their Epi custom into a 3 pickup model. Me personally, I never cared much for the sound of a middle pickup, by itself or blended. Whenever I play my Strat, it is either bridge or neck. I did play a cool 3 pickup '80s Les Paul at a shop in Austin, Texas. One of...
  19. Mr Insane

    Half hearted question on best way to age/relic

    They must have missed the "half hearted question" in the thread title. From what I understand about the lacquer used in that period, they don't age as gracefully as a vintage piece. It is Sweetwater doing the refinish. Just a standard finish, no aging. I'm only a 2 hour drive from Sweetwater...
  20. Mr Insane

    Kirk Hammet sans wah pedal. GREENY content ;)

    Metallica is a band that rock radio just absolutely ruined for me. Turn on the radio at any point in the day, I guarantee that one of 3 Metallica songs in rotation will be played in 10 minutes.

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