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    NGD - Martin 000CJR-10e

    Omg, if you hate playing acoustic guitars, you've got to try this. It is 24" Scale Length, so not as small as Baby Taylor or Little Martin. It is so easy to play, I have played it non-stop since I received it and my fingers do not hurt a bit! On top of that, it plays and sounds at least 10x...
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    Is this Martin neck ding easily repairable (and how)?

    I just got a new Martin Junior and it came with a ding in the neck (see pic). The neck is satin finished, the ding goes slightly into the wood. It scratches my skin when I play it there. Can this be easily repaired, and how would I repair it?
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    I can't believe I had to buy this - Cable File Bag

    Guitar cables - it's not something you'd ever GAS about, but before you know, you have a forest of them out of necessity. I used to throw them all into one drawstring bag but it's a nightmare trying to untangle them and finding the right cables when I needed them. So after a quick search on...
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    NAD Orange AD30HTC Mini Stack

    I've actually got the head a month ago, but I just scored the matching PPC112 cab so now I can show it! This is a very special amp. Plug your guitar directly into it with a cable, roll off your guitar's volume knob and you get a wide array of sweet, chimey, 3 dimensional tone that breaks up...
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    EMG B-Stock Pickup Deals direct from EMG HQ

    EMG is selling B-Stock pickups (pickup only, no wiring and pots included) on their Reverb site: Really great deals there on almost every EMG pickup. I just bought and installed a Het Set on my LTD Eclipse, replacing the stock 81/60 pickups, and the...
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    I don't need to sell my guitars anymore, I just need to sell my clothes!
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    What's the deal with Dreams by Fleetwood Mac Covers on YouTube?

    New covers of this song are appearing every hour on YouTube!
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    Reverb selling fees to increase to 5%

    Just received email: Beginning on August 4, 2020, we are increasing our selling fee for the first time ever⁠— from 3.5 % to 5%.
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    Gibson's next legal target - Collings Guitar They are trying to stop Collings guitar from using their headstock shape.
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    Confirmed - Hetfield am the table! THE STORY The last two months have been a time for many to learn new skills or revisit hobbies left behind in a busy world. Our own James Hetfield has done a little of both! A long-time vintage car enthusiast, James had...
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    (Acoustic) Is this a multi-piece top?

    I notice the majority of this Martin model 000CJR-10E have lines along the top, like this. Is this a 3-piece top? If it is multi-piece, my next question is, is it possible for an acoustic guitar to be 'solid-top' if it has multiple pieces?
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    PSA GC Daily Pick G&L Tribute ASAT Classic White for $300

    I just ordered one to check out.
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    Scorpions Matthias Jabs craziest looking Gibson ever

    I just saw this on the Rock In Rio livestream. What's it supposed to look like? Doesn't look like the map of Brazil...
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    Fender selling 5 Certified Vintage Strats Every guitarist holds out hope when searching through a yard sale or helping out at an older relative's house that they'll stumble upon a closet find—an exceedingly rare...
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    Die Hard The Hunter

    Def Leppard opened their Las Vegas residency with a song they have not played live in 27 years. I don't need to say more, here's the video!
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    Apr 29 - two weeks to new Gibsons!

    Two weeks to the new JC era models!
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    Yet another SC20H NAD!

    They can't make them fast enough! My observations so far: - Those rubber feet are a joke. I am pretty sure it will not sit on top of the matching SC112 cab either. Temporarily resting on 9v batteries until my Peavey #00051610 replacement feet arrives. - There is a volume drop when FX...
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    Companies hire Consultants because they talk more sense than CEO's Speaking of the new lineup, Juszkiewicz (in his 1-year consulting role with Gibson) tells Guitarist: "I would say it’s not a radical shift but we have [made] a lot of effort to simplify product offerings. We feel, in...
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    New Player Series Buttercream

    Sweet buttercream, looks like a winner!
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    Headstock protector pad

    Looks like this is how Slash protects his headstock on tour. How do you get your hands on these foam pads?

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