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  1. AndrewLP1081996

    Army green paint help

    Hello everyone it's been a while since I've been on here but I'm looking for advice on paint for my build. I'm doing a les Paul jr single cut(of sorts) and the original plan was yellow with the don't tread on me snake logo. I have changed my mind to doing the guitar in an army green(od green...
  2. AndrewLP1081996

    Multiple guitar stand ideas? Maybe build thread?

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on the forum. Got through my first year of college and have been working a lot this summer. No progress on my build since my last post but I hope to finish it soon. Anyway I'm wanting to build a guitar stand to hold my growing guitar collection...
  3. AndrewLP1081996

    Thinking about an all pine tele...

    So I have some pine lying around and I thought I could make a telecaster with it. It would be a 4 piece body and a 1 piece neck. Do you think it would be stable? I know pine is good for guitars but I'm not so sure about a 4 peice body and a all pine neck. What's your thoughts?
  4. AndrewLP1081996

    What should I do with this guitar?

    So here's the story. A lady at my church have me this guitar today. She believes that it is her stand fathers guitar. From what I can tell there are no makers marks or signatures on the guitar. She said that it might be hand built by him. (Which is pretty neat since I'm building my first.) but...
  5. AndrewLP1081996

    Question about frets.

    So I have all my frets in my fretboard and have started filing the excess off the ends. After 15 minutes of getting no where I fired up my rigid spindle sander and sanded a few fret ends down. It worked pretty good. I was wondering if this was ok to do on my sander. I dont know if the metal from...
  6. AndrewLP1081996

    Tenon angle question...

    I'm building a les Paul jr based off of tom Bartletts 54 jr plans. I'm trying to find out the angle for the neck tenon and the clearance needed at the bridge location if that makes sense. I have a wilkinson gtb wraparound bridge. Has anyone used this bridge or knows what I should do? This is my...
  7. AndrewLP1081996

    Should I be worried about this?

    I noticed the long scratch on the back of my guitar today. As I looked closer I noticed it is pretty deep. Does it look like a crack to you guys? If it is what can I do to fix it? Thanks Andrew
  8. AndrewLP1081996

    Bandsaw advice...

    I'm thinking about a bandsaw for Christmas. What would be the minimum requirements to use it for guitar building? I would use it for cutting out bodies necks etc. my price range is about 200-250$ I've never delt with these so any advice is appreciated, thanks Andrew.
  9. AndrewLP1081996

    So I got this free router table....

    I acquired this craftsmen router table from a guy at my church who moved into a new house and it was left there. I have a Bosch router and was curious on how to mount it to the table if it's even possible. When mounting to a router table which base is best to use, the fixed or the plunging base...
  10. AndrewLP1081996

    Whats the best kind of fretwire?

    Hi I'm building a les paul jr and I'm getting ready to start the neck and was wondering what's the best fret wire to use for the money? Thanks Andrew:slash:
  11. AndrewLP1081996

    What's the best way to do a truss rod rout?

    I'm building a lp jr with a one piece mahagony neck and was wandering what was the best way and most efficient way possible to do this. Would a router table help? Thanks Andrew
  12. AndrewLP1081996

    Router bits burning wood.

    I used my sm top bearing bit in some MDF today. I noticed it doscolored the bit. So as I'm routing my control cavity the wood is burning in some spots no matter how slow I go. Is my bit ruined? Or can I clean it some way? Thanks
  13. AndrewLP1081996

    P90 or humbucker?

    I'm building a single cut jr(white pine body mahogony neck)and am looking to buy pickups. I'm really not sure which to choose. I have two guitars with humbuckers and I love the sound. I've played p90 lp special and couldn't really tell much difference from my lp studio. Anyway, which do you...
  14. AndrewLP1081996

    What kind of wood is this?

    I found alot of this wood in a shed near my house. It's been in my family for along time and its been sitting a good while. It's a white/ yellowish wood and I was wondering what it was. I have a ton of it and was thinking about using it for a build. My guess is pine of cedar. Here's a few pics.
  15. AndrewLP1081996

    Templates are very irritating!

    Hello I am working in my first build and can't seem to get the hang of it. I'm making a humbucker, neck picket and control cavity templates for a jr. The humbucker is going to be directly mounted so a good template is vital. The problem I'm having is I can not get the template even on both...
  16. AndrewLP1081996

    Scarf joint jig help

    Hello I am currently under my first build and have run into a few complications. Making the scarf joint cut in my neck blank has proven to be a challenge as I am already on my second blank. Anyways I decided a jig of some sort would be the best option. Anyone have any jig ideas or suggestions as...
  17. AndrewLP1081996

    Help with headstock decal

    I'm currently building my first guitar and made a mock up of my headstock decal. I want to do a water slide I guess unless there is another option that's better. I'm thinking gold letters. Im not finished with the neck yet i just want to know how to make one and get some practice. Anyway any...
  18. AndrewLP1081996

    fret file help.

    What are the essential files needed for fretwork that aren't expensive any suggestions?
  19. AndrewLP1081996

    Guitar pick building

    I've thought about trying this. Seems like it would be fun and not to hard. Anyways any ideas about how to go about doing it?
  20. AndrewLP1081996

    Kramer 5150 plans?

    I'm think about building one of these any ideas on plans? Here are some pictures. I've tried google searches with no luck. Maybe I'm not searching the right name? Anyways thanks for the help as always!

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