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    Carter Vintage and Gruhn's guitars (Rumble Seat should be good, but I've never been so I can't comment) Robert's Western World and Tootsie's on Broadway Hattie B's for sure
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    Merry Christmas aka your favorite Holiday tunes

    The Kinks "Father Christmas"
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    Thoughts on the Gibson Les Paul Tribute?

    Had the same Goldtop. Sold it and a 2016 50s Goldtop Tribute for a 2014 GT P90 Bigsby Traditional. Don't regret it as the Trad is a fantastic (and limited edition) guitar, but the 60s Tribute P90 was a great player.
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    Gibson USA clearance prices?

    Remaining stock of Junior Tribute Doublecuts (and Specials) seem to be getting closeout treatment at major retailers. "New" guitars (2019 serial numbers) selling at a discount (549 Jr, 599 Special)
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    What brand of pickups sound most like the Barrie Cadogan video?

    Love that video, especially since he's coaxing those tones out of a $150 or so amp rig
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    Silverburst Custom - Adam Jones Signature

    Would love to have an Adam Jones Signature, but will never happen at those prices. My Agile 3100 Silverburst will have to do.
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    Does anyone really GAFF if College Football doesn't happen? How about the NFL?

    College football: no. Shut down the corrupt NCAA, for good, and rebuild the entire system. NFL: yes. Love NFL football (problems aside) and would genuinely miss watching Mitch Trubisky destroying all doubters and finally ascending to the top of the NFL QB echelon each and every week this...
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    Is the Tribute the Best Value Les Paul?

    I had 3 Tributes: 2016 50s Vintage Burst, 2014 50s Goldtop, 2011 60s Goldtop P90. All three were great guitars and I would be happy with any of them. However, I found two excellent Traditionals (2017 Cherryburst and 2014 Goldtop P90 Bigsby--both bought here as I recall) and ultimately sold the...
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    Anybody have a cheap guitar that is a lifetime never seller?

    Agile AL2K Tobacco Burst plaintop LP style. First off, great guitar (GFS 59 neck, Duncan WLH bridge pickups), but it was also my Christmas gift from my now-wife. I got the guitar, she got an engagement ring. So sentimental value adds to the "never sell" categorization.] I also have an Agile...
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    NAD: Marshall DSL1hr

    Out of curiosity, what speaker are you going with? I grabbed an MX112 for my JCM1H and JMP1H and while I don't have a problem with the stock Celestion, curious as to what else people are trying (was thinking WGS Green Beret/Greenback style, V30-type, or someting along those lines)
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    Whats the loudest amp you own?

    I have a 1990 MkIII 2502 50W 2x12 combo--insanely loud, even on the 25W setting. Luckily the Master Volume works well to get great tones at reasonable home volumes.
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    I Bought A Real '59 Gibson

    Awesome amp--I have a 1960 in almost as good condition (the little tail on the "n" is missing, and there is a cigarette burn ("beauty mark") on the top. Awesome little amp! HNAD!!!
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    Chicago Transit Authority officers shoot man who resisted arrest for moving between trains. (Transferring without a pass.)

    Probably more to it as people walk from train car to train car all the time and I've never seen an arrest even though it is "illegal" (as is eating, drinking, and smoking on a train, though I've seen all many times). There has been a lot of attention paid to recent spikes in crime on public...
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    Greta the ugly hates Canadians

    About 97-98% of all published climate-related science support climate change, while the remaining 3% contain errors or hypotheses that cannot be replicated. The "these crazy scientists saying we're all going to die in 10 years" argument is also a classic red herring. The idea isn't that we'll...
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    Greta the ugly hates Canadians

    I suppose you may be on to something. She is SUPER eager to protect the environment. Maybe she's really into grass. Hmmmmm.....grass...grass...grassy KNOLLS?!? Greta, TX is in Refugio County--about 6 hour drive from Dallas. Coincidence? I don't think so, guys. Find out were she was in...
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    Greta the ugly hates Canadians

    It's amazing how many adult men (some in high-powered positions that you would think would mean they'd have a number of other pressing matters to occupy their time and energy) are so triggered by a teenage girl.
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    NGD! Epiphone Tommy Thayer Electric Blue Les Paul!

    I had a Thayer White Lightning Explorer. I'm not much of an Explorer guy and got it specifically with the intent to trade/flip, but it was actually hard to let go. Great player and cool guitar. The Blue Les Paul looks killer! HNGD!
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    P90 Tributes....... Any good?

    I just shipped off a 2011 60s Tribute Goldtop. Only sold to fund another purchase/upgrade. Very nice guitar, I had no complaints, just looking to trim down/upgrade my gear
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    Wow....::looks through gear collection to see what I can sell::
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    PSA: Orange Amplifiers Brent Hinds Terror $299 shipped

    Mine came in yesterday, finally had a chance to play it today. Killer amp, great deal!

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