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  1. tomguitar1963

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop

    Hi guys just got this incredible Goldtop used but in mint condition what’s your views on the newish 50’s Les pauls
  2. tomguitar1963

    R8 tone and volume knobs

    Hi guys I wonder if u could tell why do gibson have the volume and tone knobs raised so high from the body on the r8 it's my first custom shop guitar having other les Paul's which tge controls are set low to the body thanks
  3. tomguitar1963

    NGD Gibson r8 2014

    hi guys got this r8 on saturday its crazy good finished in bourbon burst vos been after a r8 for some time and it was worth the wait :)
  4. tomguitar1963

    speed knobs or top hats

    hi guys just changed the speed knobs for top hats genuine gibson replacements what is your opinion i left the pointers underneath its my new traditional les paul.
  5. tomguitar1963

    Ngd gibson les paul traditional

    hi guys just got a new guitar yesterday its a 2013 gibson les paul traditional heritage cherry sunburst please take a look:)
  6. tomguitar1963

    the les paul traditional pro beauty pageant

    lets se your trad pros guys Uploaded with
  7. tomguitar1963

    gibson les paul traditional pro wine red arrived today

    hi guys my new gibson trad pro has come today first impressions are great couple of minor imperfections on the front neck feels great the pickups sound brill too im pleased as punch
  8. tomguitar1963

    Gibson les paul traditional les paul wine red

    hi guys just ordered my gibson trad pro in wine red i got it from coda uk the only 1 they had i think there pretty rare in the uk ive got to wait 2 weeks before they send it will post pics as soon as its here cant wait for this beauty
  9. tomguitar1963

    gibson les paul studio

    hi guys been away from site for a while im back with my new studio just got it today it sounds and plays like a dream its made in 2003 with stunning gold hardware couple of tiny marks i can live with thanks guys keep rocking!!
  10. tomguitar1963

    post your cars

    hi guys here is my s type jaguar would like to see what cars u guys like to drive
  11. tomguitar1963

    favourite pickup on ur strat

    mines the neck i play blues cant beat it
  12. tomguitar1963

    happy christmas

    happpy christmas to all my les paul freinds rock on from tom in the united kingdom
  13. tomguitar1963

    which pickups plz

    could one of u guys tell me wat pickups were put in the 2004 les paul standard plz
  14. tomguitar1963

    gary moore les paul slinger

    hi your thoughts on gary moore irish guitar legend and les paul guy check out his new blues album
  15. tomguitar1963

    Favourite Les Paul Solos!!!!!!

    Mine Is David Gilmour Playin His Goldtop On Another Brick In The Wall
  16. tomguitar1963

    do we drill holes in our new les paul or leave plate off

    any opinions on whether we fit a scratchplate or leave it off
  17. tomguitar1963

    gibson marshall match made in heaven

    wat u think guys

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