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  1. terence_tez

    I'm back guys...

    Wow,it's good to be back.Long story short,I was sentenced to a year in prison for those in the know.Pleaded for leniency,got ten months instead and after remmission and good conduct,I'm now out on home detention.Can't believe it's been 4 months since I logged in here.Great to back guys.I really...
  2. terence_tez

    To thoses who are my friends...

    ...this post is for you guys.To people who wanna appear smarter than they really are and make curt remarks,buzz off.Not in the mood to entertain shit... I thought for a LONG time before I decided to do this.I was really hestitant,but as I promised some people free pick samples and the fact...
  3. terence_tez

    TEZ ™ Custom Guitar Plectrums: { Pick my picks !!!}

    To let you have a better understanding about what i'm doing,here's my message to Flick,with permission of course... Hi Flick,I need your consent on a matter.Basically,I want to start a thread regarding the picks I'm making and wanna start selling. You see,I am crazy over everything guitars...
  4. terence_tez

    this guy should be a luthier man...

    Masakichi statue
  5. terence_tez

    Everly B-52 rockers...

    heard of these anyone?been using DRs for a long time now,but based on the sound clips i've heard,i'm gonna give them a try soon... Why Alloy-52
  6. terence_tez

    ToneRites-seen these before?

    remember the article where a study was made regarding this treatment being done on guitars whereby they are subjected to frequency vibrations so as to 'play in' the instrument to acheive better tone and response?look what i just found... BGW Guitars
  7. terence_tez

    Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Secrets

    enjoy... YouTube - Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Secrets
  8. terence_tez

    freakin hilarious!!!

    funny as hell.what a grandson to have. they are from hong kong btw... Asian Grandma Learns English
  9. terence_tez

    freakin hilarious!!!

    funny as hell.what a grandson to have. they are from hong kong btw...
  10. terence_tez

    Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar

    enjoy... YouTube - Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar
  11. terence_tez

    found my avatar/signature pic...

    thought i accidentally deleted it.found it!!! taken when i just bought it...
  12. terence_tez

    can you tell...

    if i'm losing hair.its getting worse man...
  13. terence_tez

    humans version 2

    enjoy... YouTube - BBC Horizon - Human v2.0 (part 1)
  14. terence_tez

    can't sleep?

    check this out... YouTube - Fatal Familial Insomnia YouTube - Secrets of sleep - the man who never slept
  15. terence_tez

    i got a free guitar!!!

    wow,finally some change of a gift of an amp from Bling.and now... i've got a free guitar!!! this kid(my friend's younger bro)who stays in the same estate as me wants to throw out his guitar.its got some fret buzz on the higher frtes on the high E.i tried to fix it but...
  16. terence_tez


    so on the 4th of august it will be my first year anniversary with my girlfriend.why am i announcing it you may ask?well i just found out that it is the same day as the day i signed up and became a member here,exactly one year apart... now,the day will be doubley special to me... cheers.
  17. terence_tez

    help...problem uploading pics...

    ...even when i resized them to 'small'.alwasy ends up wirh an error message...
  18. terence_tez

    singapore's ronaldinho of guitar...

    ...thats what someone calls him in my local guitar forum.great guy too.bought a multi from him(he works at a guitar shop here).check him out.seriously.he's really good... YouTube - Line 6 JM4 Looper Demo - by Dhalif YouTube - Cry For You Improvisation YouTube - "Jam with Vinnie Moore"...
  19. terence_tez

    tallen on talent!!!

    about time... YouTube - Tallan Noble Latz, 9 * 3rd Grade Student * America's Got Talent 2009 Ep7 [HD]

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