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  1. lancpudn

    Pay as you go driving!

    Are we entering an era where subscription driving will be the norm? I was amazed reading about one chap who was driving his BMW 530e at night & wanted to try the 'High beam assist' when he pressed the button he was presented with a message on screen asking for £179 to activate it via QR code on...
  2. lancpudn

    Scrap your old car for public transport credits.

    They've started to roll out these schemes across local authorities in the UK whereas you scrap your car which has to be over ten years old for £3000 worth of public transport credits :wow:
  3. lancpudn

    Tesla OTA updates

    I saw this today of new Tesla cars in a car park being given OTA software updates en Masse via satellite . :dude:
  4. lancpudn

    Are GM going to SUV the Vette?

    Gm are thinking of "Mustanging" the Corvette to match Ford's Crossover Mach E Mustang :eek2:
  5. lancpudn

    Chrysler going the way of the Dodo!

    There's been lots of talk in the last few weeks of the Chrysler brand getting the chop from the PSA FCA merger into Stellantis group. They now have too many brands that overlap & are behind in EV technology.
  6. lancpudn

    Cool underwater tunnels look like the entrance to the batcave!

    How cool are these tunnels! :dude: The Atlantic underwater tunnels on the Faroe islands connecting Streymoy & Eysturoy even have a roundabout and go to a depth of 187 metres below sea level. :shock: They will be opening on the 19th December.
  7. lancpudn

    Honda quitting Europe/UK.

    Blimey! Honda are the latest car manufacturer to stop selling conventional ICE cars after 2022 in Europe. :shock: It's pointless selling ICE cars then paying fines or bad emissions & buying credits from Tesla.
  8. lancpudn

    BSA motorcycles being revived!

    Mahindra are bringing back the old BSA motorcycle marque next year, :dude: "It plans to build its BSA bikes in the U.K.. Starting in 2021, modern Beezers will come in two flavors— an internal combustion-powered model and an electric model. These bikes will be developed at BSA’s new technical and...
  9. lancpudn

    Somethings going on with our grub!!!

    In the last few days I've had some strange news feeds regarding food, Here in the UK they're calling for a carbon tax on meat :eek2: Then Arbys pops up with Ocean meat i.e. fish :eek2: then McDonalds have a meat free Mcplant burger WTF! Are we being groomed into accepting a new world order of...
  10. lancpudn

    Less car use-cold weather-lumpy fuel!

    I have quite a few mates who use "alternative fuel" because of the expensive price of the stuff here i.e. WMO (waste motor oil) & WVO (waste vegetable oil) to run their diesel vehicles on, They get waste oil from a variety of places, fish n chip shops, fried chicken shops or curry houses & the...
  11. lancpudn

    Tesla tequila!

    Tesla is launching it's own booze now at $250 a bottle. :dude: :eek2:
  12. lancpudn

    Tailgating cameras!

    We have new tailgating cameras that are being rolled out on UK roads :wow: They caught 10,000 drivers in the first two weeks :eek2:
  13. lancpudn

    Stoked! up coming NBEVD!

    I've been for a test drive today in the MG ZS EV compact SUV, The quietness of the car is an absolute revelation :cool2: I thought my Kia Niro hybrid was a quiet car but this MG from the good people at SAIC is whisper quiet.:dude: Tunes have never sounded so good on the sound system. The KERS...
  14. lancpudn

    SUV's targeted in 'Weight Tax'

    France has declared war on big SUV's (which already carry a €20,000 levy for high emissions :eek2:) with a new weight tax on any vehicle over 1800kg/3968lbs charged at €10/kg over 1800kgs to start in 2021.
  15. lancpudn

    Dads reaction to TT Racers.

    LOL These guys are just fearless doing those speeds on public roads. :wow:
  16. lancpudn

    Honda to quit supplying F1 engines.

    Blimey! Just as Redbull got back into competing again in F1 with the new Honda engine they're pulling the plug to concentrate on zero emissions technology, Honda to cease engine supplies after next season:eek2: "TOKYO -- Honda will end its participation as an engine supplier in the FIA Formula...
  17. lancpudn

    MG 5 estate / station wagon BEV

    Being a huge Rover/MG fan I'm happy to see this new MG5 estate/touring wagon from SAIC Europe out this month priced at £23.995 / $30,561 after government incentives. I know it's not got the heritage as the old original MG car company but I'm just happy they're doing the marque proud. This BEV is...
  18. lancpudn

    VW to sell Bugatti to Rimac

    Is this the last of Bugatti's monstrous 16 cylinder engine for their hyper car! VW are set to sell the marque to the Croatian EV Hyper car motor company Rimac. :eek2:
  19. lancpudn

    Had to head butt some chap today!

    I was in town heading back to the bus station with a shopping bag in each hand when this bum came up right in my face wanting money aggressively , He didn't have a mask on but I did thankfully, I just head butted the prick but he saw it coming & moved backwards, The head butt landed on his chin...
  20. lancpudn

    Is this the future of clubbing/live music post-lockdown in the UK!

    Safety measures prior to entering include disinfectant tunnel, temperature check, social distancing inside venue & outside, identity checks in case of contact tracing, Musicians playing behind plastic screening :wow:

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