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  1. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    The wait begins ...

    Now I wait for Epiphone to release a Frampton Phenix model. I've sold my Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty today.
  2. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    SOLD: 2020 Epiphone Joe Bonamassa '58 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty $800 plus ship

    SOLD: my 2020 Epiphone Joe Bonamassa '58 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty triple pickup. This beauty weighs a svelte 9 pounds 2.9 ounces, which is quite light for a Les Paul Custom. It is in immaculate condition, played in a non-smoking environment, and stored in its case when not used. The case...
  3. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Hipshot tone-o-matic or nashville bridge for Epiphone Black Beauty?

    I saw one old thread from 2016 asking about the TOM. I was wondering if any more people have tried these yet? I'm so sick and tired of bridges that just don't have enough room to intonate every string, doesn't matter whether it's a Gibson, Epiphone, Fender or Squier. Nearly every guitar I've...
  4. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Intonating Epiphone '58 LPC, not enough saddle travel ?

    I was all set to come on here and ask if the bridge posts were too far forward to allow for sufficient travel to intonate the guitar. I had a devil of a time trying to intonate it yesterday. Finally I had to put the guitar down and stop for the day. Today I picked up the guitar, tuned it up...
  5. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Just tried Grovers on my Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty LPC

    Cat F, Cat F, Shore party. First wave, ineffective. We do not hold the beach. Say again, we do not hold the beach. I didn't like the look of the placement of the holes of the Epiphone Tuners on the back of the headstock on the Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty. Turns out my spatial perception was...
  6. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    What gauge strings are OEM on Epiphones?

    As my guitars are getting a lot of play time, I'll be changing the strings soon. What gauge are they? Anybody? Beuller?
  7. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    My first issue with any of my Historic Custom Shop LPs.

    i bought my R0 back in 2011, the year it was made. it is the longest I've had any Gibson ever. I noticed a buzzing on the 6th string around the 13th fret and figured it was time for a truss rod adjustment. Usually I've brought my guitars to my buddy's shop and had them tweaked there. This...
  8. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Is there an Inspired By Gibson Les Paul Junior?

    the title is pretty self-explanatory.
  9. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Gassing hard for an ES-339 Epiphone

    at the same price, the choice is a ES-339 Pro with a Pau Ferro board or a ES-339 with an Indian Laurel board. I really liked the Gibson 339 Custom Shops that I tried but oy vey, the money. I'm pretty much a Les Paul, Tele and Strat kind of guy. An ES would be a novelty but a nice one. I...
  10. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Epiphone Les Paul with P-90s?

    with the smashing success of the 1959 Les Paul outfit, it seems to me that Epiphone should try their hand at a Goldtop with P-90s, either with a stop tail or wraptail bridge. Heck, I'd even go for another Les Paul Custom with P-90s or even a staple pickup in the neck like the '54 LPC.
  11. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Two guitars enter. One guitar leaves

    I ordered the JB BB Les Paul Custom last night. I have a 2 pickup BB that I got back in June. I'm thoroughly impressed with the guitar. I've wanted a three pickup BB since the '70s because of Peter Frampton. I could not afford any of the Gibson iterations. Epiphone has had them in the past...
  12. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    will historic plastics fit on epiphone guitars?

    i'm thinking of putting creme plastics on my LPC and get that '70s look. Will aftermarket plastics for Gibson drop in on Epiphones as well?
  13. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Epiphone LPC neck pickup angle, how to fix

    Probably the only issue I have wtih my recent purchase. Since I've yet to turn a sngle screw on this guitar, a small problem that I'm sure has a hopefully simple solution. I've noticed an anomaly in the plugged in (via audio interface, no amps yet in new apartment) that has an analogy to the...
  14. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    PSA Cincinnati area

    this showed up in my news feed so I thought I would post here
  15. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    List prices for Gibson Les Pauls when they were new?

    I'm trying to find out what were Gibson Les Pauls selling for new back around 1972 to 1975-ish. Particularly Les Paul Customs. I have a recollection of being offered a 50s LPC for 2 grand and remember thinking "that's almost twice what a new one costs" If I could find out when LPC were...
  16. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    '20 Epi Les Paul Custom has arrived

    and a beauty it is. Utterly immaculate, outstanding fret work, no dead spots. Eight pounds 11 ounces, lighter than either of my two custom shop Standards. My first guitar with an ebony board. Neck profile is a lot like a production SG, not very thick and slightly flatter on the back My only...
  17. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Sorely tempted by '69 Deluxe reissue

    on another forum a member posted their '99 Les Paul Deluxe '69 reissue for sale. And it's black. I have 3 black guitars and it would fit in beautifully. The weight is zaftig at 10.5 but if I'm playing while sitting down it won't matter. It's not like I'm gigging or anything. A guitar player...
  18. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    F/S Kluson tuners with Uncle Lou buttons 80 USD shipped and paypal, 125 USD worldwide

    * PRICE DROP* for sale (1) one set of Klusons from a Gibson Historic reissue Les Paul with Uncle Lou buttons installed on them. These buttons are from an early batch over 10 years ago that were particularly well done, look great and very realistic. These are drop in ready, not including any...
  19. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    F/S JBL signature D-130 F speaker $ 232 shipped

    Giving up on ever making a cabinet for this speaker, it's been in storage since I bought it 9 some years ago. Tested it recently with a guitar amp and it works fine. Reconed for sure, no idea what kind of kit was used. If you need more pics, let me know. It's packed and ready to go. Asking...
  20. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    Anybody get their Les Paul stolen in the Upper Mount Bethel, PA area?

    some guy was arrested for selling a 4,000 dollar les paul for 180 dollars to a pawn shop. Granted, the news article doesn't differentiate what type of les paul it was, but I thought I would post a link to the article in case any body from here had their guitar(s) stolen in the Upper Mount...

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