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  1. WavMixer

    Looking for a luthier that needs a web site

    I want a guitar made however I can't afford the cash outlay. I build web sites professionally and I hope to find a luthier that is looking to have a custom web site built in a barter. I'll pay for the wood, electrics and hardware as well put it all together. I just need the body and neck... I'll...
  2. WavMixer

    Be creative and have a chance to win a pair of black diamond & gold earrings

    Greetings fellow fretters, I have been working in the jewelry business for a while now as the marketing manager and we are having a contest to find a new tag line for our Black Velvet Diamond collection. Here is your chance to win that special someone in your life a really nice gift. Or for...
  3. WavMixer

    Old Fart Fretter

    Greetings all, another old timer here. I use to play bass in the 70's, got married, had kids and stepped back from playing. Got divorced in the 80's and ran the soundboard for bands. In the 90's I switched to running the soundboard for live theatre and became a grandpa. My 13 year old grandson...

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