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  1. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    Don’t do that !! I do realize we need good bass players, but we need bass players that actually play bass, and understand it, not like my attempts of a guitar player pretending to be a bassist. Cheers Mitch
  2. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Why did YOU join MLP?

    Nice Welcome to the forum I also have 4 LP’s So I may not be the one to try and talk you out of another one or three .. Cheers Mitch
  3. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Post an original song you wrote!

    A continuation of R2-V2 Thanks for listening Mitch
  4. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Hello! A new member from Spain.

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM :cheers2: :cheers2::welcome:
  5. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Hello world!

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM :cheers2:
  6. Mitch Pearrow 58

    New here - Sax player with a guitar habit

    WELCOME TO MLP :cheers2: :h5:
  7. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Wassup, y'all?

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM :h5::cheers2:
  8. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Post an original song you wrote!

    This was the inspiration for the clip above Thanks for listening
  9. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Post an original song you wrote!

    I was messing around with melody, and tempo in the key of B minor. Thanks for listening
  10. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Post an original song you wrote!

    As with everything I post here this is going to evolve a bit more. But I thank you all for listening. I am going to turn this into about a 5 minute long song upon completion. Cheers Mitch
  11. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Happy to be Here + Introduction

    Welcome to the forum Beautiful LP’s you have there :cheers2: :h5::welcome:
  12. Mitch Pearrow 58

    After a decade I'm back, maybe for now.

    Welcome Back My hands get tore up at work I am a carpenter and they get pummeled. :cheers2: :h5::welcome:
  13. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Allow myself to introduce... myself

  14. Mitch Pearrow 58

    New member in Utah, USA

    WELCOME TO MLP :h5::welcome::cheers2:
  15. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Does an ES 175 count?

    WELCOME BUDDY THANKS STOPPING BY :cheers2: :h5: :welcome:
  16. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Hello Hello!

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM better late than never :cheers2: :h5: :welcome:
  17. Mitch Pearrow 58

    New R8 (2020 model) owner

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM :h5::cheers2::welcome:
  18. Mitch Pearrow 58

    Hello world,

    :welcome: Great story and a beautiful LP The journey has just begun And what a great journey it will be. MLP is a great place to chat , gear, styles, and techniques. Enjoy the forum my brother. Cheers Mitch
  19. Mitch Pearrow 58

    A Happy New Year & new member


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