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  1. Roberteaux

    PSA: French Connection free on Amazon

    I watched it the other night... :thumb: In the scene where the assassin, Sal Boca, is clipped while trying to get away from Popeye Doyle, I was sitting there thinking of Dave... Yep! There's definitely something Popeye-like about Dave! :laugh2: --R :thumb:
  2. Roberteaux

    Time for a mundane thread...

    Sometimes you get a clogged commode that won't respond to mere plunging because there's a ginormous turd-- composed of an uncommonly dense and clay-like form of feces-- that is wedged in there and even an expert plunger-man might end up splashed by raw sewage while attempting to persuade the...
  3. Roberteaux

    The most unfriendly looking house I ever saw.

    Could use a little paint... :hmm: --R :p
  4. Roberteaux

    I’ve been in extremely deep thought lately

    Strangers? You think it's only strangers who figure we're nuts? :rofl: You know who once had the best sig line on this site? It was MLP member @artis_xe, whose signature once informed us: "We're all here because we're not all there" :laugh2: --R :p
  5. Roberteaux

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    :laugh2: The regulars in this thread have done an amazingly good job, I'd say! :applause: And just so everybody knows: I even felt that way about the posts that had to vanish. I didn't find any members turning what's really a legal issue into some sort of polemic in here, and actually...
  6. Roberteaux

    What’s the potential downfall?

    :laugh2: At this point it's just cats and smaller dogs, like chihuahuas. Many of us consider it to be sporting to use only a .410, though it's not as if anybody would really complain if somebody showed up with a 12 gauge... I mean, they *are* pests after all... :hmm: We'll keep y'all posted...
  7. Roberteaux

    Orianthi SJ-200 CS signature.

    Back in 2009, Orianthi Panagaris did an audition tape for Michael Jackson-- at Jackson's request-- which was recorded before a live audience at USC. She played some species of Gibson acoustic for that performance. If you don't want to hear her rambling introduction, skip to 2:11, which is when...
  8. Roberteaux

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    LOL I am more inclined to shut individual posters down, than to shut down the thread. No penalties will be assessed today, however, though a few posts are going bye-bye... I do ask that all members be careful about that sort of thing. You have my thanks in advance. :thumb: But really...
  9. Roberteaux

    Lights in the Sky.

    :hmm: Near as I can tell, Jefferson Airplane wrote the very first "protest song" to complain about the accumulation of junk in orbit around the planet... it was recorded 51 years ago, but it sat around in a vault somewhere until it was finally released a year or two later. The song is called...
  10. Roberteaux

    How to identify Southern weed.

    In New Orleans they don't batter-fry their weed. Instead, it's blackened. --R
  11. Roberteaux

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Sell Publishing Rights to Song Catalog for $140 million

    That's precisely the same kind of reaction I developed over the years, and my current attitude towards them. :thumb: I really liked them at first, but then I kinda just didn't pay much attention to them. By the time Woodstock 99 came along, I didn't listen to them at all. I did take in their...
  12. Roberteaux

    What’s the potential downfall?

    That's what she said! :laugh2: --R :p
  13. Roberteaux

    Time for a mundane thread...

    My home improvement program continues unabated, though not without interference by circumstances beyond my control. This time, I went out and painted the floor of my sallyport a nice battleship gray. I used the same concrete paint I went with for the garage, and added that granular, sandy shit...
  14. Roberteaux

    What’s the potential downfall?

    Actually-- weird as it sounds-- the better part of mosquito control in my locality really does consist of using one type of mosquito to attack another type, and largely eliminate it. There are three types of mosquito that will draw blood from humans, thus also spreading diseases of various...
  15. Roberteaux

    Where the rocket falls, nobody knows.

    Do you *really* have to make references to your private life? :facepalm: This is a very serious thread, dammit! --R :laugh2:
  16. Roberteaux

    Where the rocket falls, nobody knows.

    It's like the magnum version of a tinfoil hat or somethin'! :shock: --R :laugh2:
  17. Roberteaux

    Where the rocket falls, nobody knows.

    :laugh2: The wisdom of this post cannot be adequately understated! --R ;)
  18. Roberteaux

    What’s the potential downfall?

    --R :p
  19. Roberteaux

    attempted armored car heist in South Africa video footage

    Yeah, there's all kinds of crazy shit happening out there... and as deception is often a more useful tool than some overt display of force or fortitude, you get all kinds of sneakery going on. You wanna hear a good one? One time, myself and another deputy sheriff named John M. Gaston were...
  20. Roberteaux

    So these two idiots start shooting near my house as I was cooking dinner..

    Yeesh, how... dumb! :facepalm: Did this happen in that same boulder field that was previously some sort of hot spot for bicycle-riding tweakers? God only knows what the attraction of that particular patch of nothin' happens to be... :hmm: But the part that seems strangest of all is to...

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