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  1. frankv

    Just what the doctor order.. for me....

    Awesome... I believe many of you guys might want one.. Trust me.. WATCH
  2. frankv

    Atomic Powered CLR CAB

    These cabinets are among the best sounding cabinets around. When it comes to FRFR, you will be hard pressed to find other cabinets at any price point that sounds better. At usual, I price my stuff way become market price. This cabinet lists at $999 on atomic website $560. Includes shipping.
  3. frankv

    Frank Vs Mad Mad Mad DVD and Book Sale

    Once again its time to clean out my book case. This is a massive collection. I think you have some good titles to choose from. 3 or more titles qualifies for free shipping in the US. Lets started. Here are the DVDs. All titles over you around 40 percent off.
  4. frankv

    Fractal Axe Fx ll XL+

    Perfect condition and never gigged. This is loaded with the best IRs and Presets. I need an operation and that will require me to deal with declining health issues and a 5 month layoff from my work. . This is the higher memory version being listed as an Axe Fx II XL+ This is priced to sell. I...
  5. frankv

    Well... too bad I grew up cause I'll never be this good.

    Under-rated in the big scheme of things?
  6. frankv

    March BTOTM

    Here's a bit of a rock track instead of the old blues we usually have here.
  7. frankv

    A lesson On Compression

    Since we all have various compressors at our finger tips, I thought this might be a great watch from Rick Beato
  8. frankv

    Tuning a Guitar.... Not Quite What Most Think.

    Check out this cool video.
  9. frankv

    Febuary BTOTM

    Ha.. Made ya look.. Now you can wait a couple more days can't ya? :band:
  10. frankv

    Gibson 'Burst Reissues Vs Bernie Marsden's 1959

    I am not sure this has been posted here but I think it's a pretty good video.
  11. frankv

    January BTOTM

    OK. I'll do it in the mean time... Here's is a nice slow blues track from my David Walliman collection. If you don't know David, check his You Tube Channel. Download button upper right..
  12. frankv

    FS: Atomic Active CLR Cabinet

    Great condition reference FRFR CLR here is the desired CAB footprint. This is an active 500 watt cab perfect for any modeler. PM me for more details. Prices to sell as usual. $799 shipped.
  13. frankv

    Play That Track

    Gonna try something new here.. There are a bunch of great players among us. Perhaps we can start a Backing Track Play Along right here in the Modeling room. ALL are welcome to play. Yes, Tube guys too. I have a bunch of backing tracks I can post. Lets see how this goes. You can download this...
  14. frankv

    If I Were To List One and Only One Thing..

    That has changed my enjoyment of playing guitar.. Besides all the great things I have at my fingers tips with AXE FX... Besides all that... It would have to be the recording ability it has afforded me. Without question that has most impacted me. Here's a little tune I threw together this...
  15. frankv

    An Interesting TED Talk..

    I thought you might like.
  16. frankv

    Ya Gotta Love The Computer Stuff.

    Now anyone can play solos. Stevie T shows how. hahahah
  17. frankv

    School Of Rock any one got experience?

    I want to get my 4 year old Grandson started in music and was thinking a formal, structured learning program might be better then what i can give him letting him just strum away mindlessly. Although I think even doing that at 4 is a good thing.. So has anyone used this company for either a...
  18. frankv

    Pretty Cool Post Here From Fractal About a Clinic Down Under. I think the idea of clinic by pro players using the AXE FX is a great idea and one that most likely doesn't come around too often
  19. frankv

    Ernie Ball Music Man Luke Ball Family Reserve. Custom

    I just purchased a custom David Thomas McNaught (again) So my awesome EBMM BFR is now up for sale at a stupid low price. (as usual) Read below. There are only 2 of these builds in the entire world. Here are the details. It's listed hundreds less then my Reverb or ebay ad for you guys. You won't...

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