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  1. rykus

    Wanted: 8-8400

  2. rykus

    Wanted: 8-8400

    Sorry for the late reply...I'm assuming because of the pics you where asking me. I sold her back to Pete Boslooper. He said he would offer me first dibs but then had it up for 35k US... Sorry Greg. Wish I would have offered her to you instead but I said I would offer him first if I ever sold.
  3. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Has hints of BBQ,rich mahogany and roasted chestnut with undertones of broken dreams..
  4. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Well technically the one is a replica... didn't have to worry about the headstock shot in this case.. took care of that pesky Gibson logo and patented open book shape. Found my tuner tips (thanks Frank!) And oiled up the fret board with some fret doctor... decided what the heck and oiled the...
  5. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Thanks @harrie 0492 good too see you too my friend! Hope you are well!
  6. rykus

    2010 R9 upgrade help

    Yeah I prefer the audio taper as well. Also the caps in the 2010 are fake bees.. getting real pio caps and doing 50's wiring makes a difference too if you use your controls much.
  7. rykus

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Retread

    I vote gold too! I wondered what happened to the red one after Charlie bought it... really wanted that one when it was for sale here... wish I would have bought it then!
  8. rykus

    Question about 3 pickup Les Pauls.

    Pretty sure they just picked PAFs out of a box other than maybe the ones for the varitone 345/355 etc. That had a magnet flipped I think, and the narrow spaced jazz guitar pickups. People would swap the stronger necks to bridge I heard but I've also heard of lots of higher dcr neck pickups from...
  9. rykus

    $30,000 burst - is this legit? The Grainger/Corby burst

    I would probably pay 10% of the asking price. Does have a nice look too it in a high-school woodworkshop kinda way lol. Be interesting if you could find any real history but other than the forementioned waldstien threads I doubt any would ever surface. I liked the 58/63 explorer with the...
  10. rykus

    Call for Submissions: Burst Reissue Book

    I think I still have pics of 8 8400 on my photo bucket, not sure if they're good enough but it was one of the first Murphy aged by guitar preservation and had all the paperwork, was used a a promotion guitar by gibson from 98/99 till the braz run came out I believe. I would reach out the Mark...
  11. rykus

    New build question.

    Depends on the builder... I'd say 2500-3500 for an unknown luthier who was capable with tool to build up a good les paul style out of decent wood.The more specific and vintage correct the more it would cost imo. The guys that "build" specific guitars usually have a wait list, codes of conduct...
  12. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Thanks for the laughs and support. Yeah was really hard time, luckily I had 2 prized vintage guitars at a friend's safe condo because I had some thieves around the area (I had dogs etc but still), a really nice strat at my cabin and another really nice R0 I lent my Father on a long term basis...
  13. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Some pics before the "restoration" with my old single cut 54 monster top that burned really bad. :( my gold top is a monster though so I try not to complain too much! Neck is actually pretty straight for going through a fire, fire fighters blasting hoses then sitting in a shed for 4 years lol...
  14. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    I walked away from guitar for almost 3 years... was super devastating and I felt like my top 3 guitars and favorite amp where irreplaceable. But then I bought a very special replica built by forum member singlecut54 before he passed. Got me hooked again and now I have only bought really unique...
  15. rykus

    String Brands....

    Bern using the DR pure blues for 20 years or so... ever now and then I splurge and buy a bunch of pyramid or infeld but I like the DR for the price. I buy from an online place too cantvrecall the name but its way cheaper than the local shop that only has cheap generic crap. Rather play nickle...
  16. rykus

    Fret Doctor seem good to darken rosewood fretboard, but will it last?

    Yeah the first time its applied especially if the board was super dry or the less touched spaces by the nut and low strings above the 25th fret seem to dry back out.. but also you can tell the wood is thirsty! Like oiling dry leather it will slurp up a bunch of oil. Anyways those super dry...
  17. rykus

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Just kidding. Phoenix burst ,99 Murphy aged...rose from the ashes of my house burning down. Found it last summer in my parents shed... though it was stolen or ??? Wasn't as burnt as my others so I glued a chunk of headstock back on so I could add tuners. OTPG pickups and rings from my R8 that...
  18. rykus

    WTB, fire sale, gear lost in the Oregon Holiday Farm fire.

    Sorry to hear of your loss and the crazy times.... lost my house in a fire although nothing in comparison was personally devastating and put me off music in general for a few years. Hope you can find some nice stuff and be back in your own space soon.
  19. rykus

    General Vintage Tone

    Thanks for the info, He does do very beautiful work and I was admiring your 57 on his site a while back! I haven't a need for any PAF style but thought about trying some fender style pickups while I wait on a set from Don Mare.. Thanks again and if you go visit again try to take some pics to...
  20. rykus

    Does owning a great model of a guitar make you want a second one?

    Just thought I should clarify it was Terry from the UK that passed... singlecut54 ... just shortened it by accident in my mind. Pretty sure member singlecut is still rockin in the USA

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