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  1. Antigua

    Gitec chapter on the circuit design of distortion and fuzz boxes

    A German research group, called Gitec, that dedicates itself to the science of electric guitar has been translating portions of their work into the English language in order to reach a broader audience, and they have just published a translated chapter on the circuitry of "Overdrive, Fuzz &...
  2. Antigua

    An in depth text on AlNiCo magnet grades used in guitar pickups

    The German group GITEC has recently translated from German to English a chapter on AlNiCo magnets from a larger body of work called "Physics of Electric Guitar", which is still mostly only available in German to date. Here's a link to the PDF...
  3. Antigua

    Epiphone 57CH technical analysis

    There was a post a month or two ago comparing Epiphone's old stock pickups with Probuckers and better alternatives. I bought some 57CH's to test them and see what they're all about. I'm posting this here since the topic came up recently, and the topic of import versus domestic PAF knock offs...
  4. Antigua

    Avoid Monoprice cables

    After discovering how high the capacitance was with my Monoprice guitar cable, I made a point to look for one with a lower capacitance, and end up buying a Roland "Black Series" low capacitance cable. I took the two cables apart to figure out what caused the big differences in capacitance. How...

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