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  1. Shai`tan

    Trem bridge blunder

    I bought a Gold Gotoh GE101TS Vintage Trem bridge with a 2 3/16ths string spacing, but just discovered I need a 2 1/16th string spacing. It appears Gotoh doesn`t make the narrower string spacing. Aaaarrggghh I looked at Callahams, they have a vintage bridge with the 2 7/32 mount with a 2...
  2. Shai`tan

    A Tale Of 2 Bridges.....

    Hey all. I`m going to be doing a Partscaster. And I`m looking at 2 bridges. The Genuine Fender `62 Reissue Strat Tremelo. And the Gotoh GE101TS Traditional Vintage Tremelo with Steel Block. Which do you think might be the better choice of these 2? Thx for your time.
  3. Shai`tan

    NGD.... 2016 Epi Limited Ed. Korina 58 V

    I have always wanted a Korina something just to see if the Mystique was real tonewise. Read through quite a few threads on the 2016 Limited Ed. Epi Korina Vs and Explorers. On a lark I checked our local Kijiji, and not 4 hours before checking, someone had posted their 2016 Limited Ed. Korina...
  4. Shai`tan

    Kemper stand?

    What is everyone using for a stand for their Kemper? I just ordered the "On Stage MIX400 Mixer Stand". It should do the job nicely for me. Might have to tweak/mod it a bit. G
  5. Shai`tan

    36th Anniversary Set in aged nickle.... and....

    I have a set of Dimarzio 36th Anniversaries in Aged Nickle up for grabs. Doing a pickup search for the RIGHT set for my 78 Les Paul Custom BB. And for MY particular Custom, they didn`t make the cut. ;p I`d like to get $125.00 U.S. plus shipping. These are brand new and long leads. As...
  6. Shai`tan

    VL III n/b set feeler.....

    I have a set of VL IIIs up for sale. Hoping to get $300.00.... shipped. Give a shout if interested. Thx. I`ll ship to either Canada or the U.S. only fyi. Thx again. Gary
  7. Shai`tan

    Feeler.... SD VL IIIs

    In the next 2 to 3 weeks I am looking to sell my VL IIIs. $300.00 U.S. paypal..... I`ll cover the shipping. Thx for looking.
  8. Shai`tan

    Tonepros vrs Gotoh... Klusons

    Why is there such a difference in string shaft height between these 2 Makers? On the Gotohs, the amount from plate to top of shaft is 15/16ths. Apparently this is vintage specs, altho I am not totally sure. Tonepros Klusons on my Replica measure 1 1/8 inches from the plate to the end of the...
  9. Shai`tan

    Wizz PAFs.

    I just got these.... but they were not a good match for my EMCT Kit. Paid 400.00, will sell them for 300.00, shipped. Give a shout if interested. They come with aged OTPG rings I believe. And aged covers. Thx. Gary
  10. Shai`tan

    78 Custome... curious finding..

    Hey. A year and a 1/2 ago I picked up a sweet 1978 Custom Black Beauty. Had to replace the pots a few days ago, and my Tech found a curious thing in the control cavity area. It had someones signature, and the year 1974. He as well showed me. The sig was not very readable but 1974 sure...
  11. Shai`tan

    1978 BB LP wiring issue?

    About 2 years ago I picked up a sweet 78 Black Beauty. All original accept that it has a tiny phase switch. A 70s Super Distortion in the bridge, paired with another fairly hot Dimarzio PAF in the neck. I had lent this axe out to a buddy for awhile and not too long ago got it back...
  12. Shai`tan

    Matin6String aged LP Screw Kit....

    Just got this kit in the mail today. Everything here seems aged quite nicely. Altho the 2 strap pin screws seemed well.... not aged. But I guess ya don`t really see the ends of those anyways, so no loss there. (psssst! I use Schaller straplocks so no biggy) Gotta say it was oddly...
  13. Shai`tan

    aging Keystones

    Hyas all. I recieved an aged set of Klusons lately for my EMCT Kit. The metal aging was nicely done but the Keystones themselves were not as brown aged looking as I was hoping for. So I did a search and found some info on how to maybe do it myself. So here is what I found. "I used...
  14. Shai`tan

    aged Klusons....

    anyone here try the aged Sikline Klusons tuners yet? Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thx. Gary addendum: I am gonna take a chance on the Sikline Aged Klusons. And do a review once I have tried them a bit.
  15. Shai`tan

    36th Ann. or C/S Pearly Gates?

    Which of these in your oppinion would go well in my 78 BB Custom... and cover both Classic rock tones, and dip back a tad into the 80s? Thx. Gary I have done searches fyi... and I did find a coupla youtube vids of the 36th Ann. in a Replica that just ripped. Just trying to see which of...
  16. Shai`tan

    Lifton replica case

    I was asking, like a few others here... if anyone made a Lifton case replica. MLP member golfredo said in a thread that he stocked Tokai Lifton Reissue cases. I emailed him, ended up taking a chance, and ordering a case from him. It finally arrived today, and it seems like a sweet...
  17. Shai`tan

    Faber ABRH

    This ABR-1 just arrived in the mail from CV Guitars. I was not happy with the PigTail saddle/screws rattles..... and since many seem to like Fabers offering, I thought I`d give it a go. It has a nice Aged Nickel appearance. And tolerances are indeed tight. My PigTail saddles/screws were...
  18. Shai`tan

    aged Dimarzio 36th Ann. set

    DiMarzio R-s PAF 36th ANNIVERSARY N /B Set AGED NICKEL I decided to go with a different set of pickups for my EMCT Replica, so these are up for grabs. Brand new, never even had the clear cases opened yet. Not sure what to ask for these. I thought 150.00 would be good, and I`d be shipping...
  19. Shai`tan

    looking for 3 decent.....

    Effects pedals. A Delay, Wah, and a Compressor. Just would like some oppinions on what peeps are using and what they think of them. Thx. Any input appreciated.
  20. Shai`tan

    abr-1s + inserts?

    I am wondering what if any abr-1 replacement bridges possibly have inserts..... as apposed to just having the posts thread into the body. Thx.

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