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  1. Fiat Lux

    For lancpudn - the EV contrast between the EU and the mythical land

    In the mythical land we have bugger all EVs but the various state governments have their hearts set on taxing them... cheers.
  2. Fiat Lux

    Any takers to help catch giant deadly spiders?

    Deadly Aussie spider's huge size merits Hollywood nickname By 9News Staff 3:43pm Feb 4, 2020 Gigantic funnel-web spider named after movie star. A Hollywood star has received a dubious honour after his name was given to a gigantic Australian funnel-web spider. Recent rain and subsequent hot...
  3. Fiat Lux

    Electric car review (Jaguar) and what you don't usually read!

    Remember, Sydney is Australia's largest city, and Canberra is the nation's capital, approximately 300km (approx 190 miles) away. I found this review breathtakingly honest. The infrastructure is going to need to be a heck of a lot...
  4. Fiat Lux

    Driverless cars found to be racist!

    Driverless cars may be more likely to hit dark-skinned people, study finds Ally Foster, March 12, 2019 10:18pm There are concerns that self-driving cars may pose a serious threat to some members of the public after a study found that the cars are less likely to detect people with...
  5. Fiat Lux

    How lucky could I possibly be... and on Giving Tuesday!!!! I need urgent help!

    Well, here's the good news.... I just found out that I won a 7 series BMW and $1.5 million in a US lottery I didn't enter. HOW LUCKY IS THAT!!! Best news is that the BMW has both am/fm radio and a single slot CD player!!!!!!11!! BMW LOTTERY DEPARTMENT 5070 WILSHIRE BLVD LOS ANGELES. CA 90036...
  6. Fiat Lux

    Are #metoo kicking own goals?

    Lately I’ve been reading more and more stuff that seems to suggest that women and the #metoo movement seem to actually be doing more harm than help to womens’ issues and rights. At a fairly superficial level is the thread here about the cancellation of the “Vagina Monologues” at Michigan U...
  7. Fiat Lux

    It’s Friday in the imaginary land of Australia

    ABC commentator says parents should ask babies for consent to nappy change an hour ago AN AUTHOR and educator has been ridiculed after saying parents should ask babies for consent before a nappy change, and watch for a response through body language. Deanne Carson said in an ABC...
  8. Fiat Lux

    Step Away From Your Keyboard, Chinaman!

    Dont make me come down there... Cheers
  9. Fiat Lux

    For those of you who love Australian spiders...

    Tradie Jay Ayoub finds monster tarantula crawling up his shoulder Staff writers, The Daily Telegraph December 14, 2017 9:49am Concreter Jay Ayoub was left startled when a massive spider crawled up his arm while he was working on a job site at Oyster Bay, south of the Sydney. The 30-year-old...
  10. Fiat Lux

    Urgent! Can someone do a photoshop for me?

    Hey all I need an urgent photoshop, if someone is able to help. Need it within about 2 hours from now. My elderly father lives in a retirement place and another elderly resident bought a garish football scarf for my son at a thrift shop. They are meeting me today for lunch and want to see a...
  11. Fiat Lux

    Gender Identification

    I have some real problems with the concept of gender identification that don't seem to be to be capable of resolution by normal logical thinking. Two things prompted this thread. First, the State Government in the State where I live in Australia has indicated a desire to enact legislation...
  12. Fiat Lux

    The Road by Cormac McCarthy

    Has anyone here read it or seen the movie? I read it about a week ago and it won't leave my thoughts. So many things to think about. So many questions. I have an 8 year old son, so it has prompted me to think a lot about my relationship with him. I haven't seen the movie yet. Does it...
  13. Fiat Lux

    Here's one for Malikon

  14. Fiat Lux

    Batgirl To Do List Tee Shirt Upsets SJWs...

    A screenshot of a Batgirl T-shirt on Target Australia's website. Mums have criticised it for being sexist. Target Australia faces backlash from mums over ‘sexist’ Batgirl T-shirt Laura Armitage, Heidelberg Leader August 31, 2016 3:08pm TARGET Australia has removed a T-shirt aimed...
  15. Fiat Lux

    Anyone here know this Houston Club?

    Houston nightclub accused of racial discrimination declares: ‘We’re not racist, we’re just a**holes’ September 24, 2015 8:39pm ROHAN “WE’RE not racist, we’re just a bunch of a**holes.” That’s the takeaway quote from the lawyer for a Houston nightclub accused of racism...
  16. Fiat Lux

    Dave Davies

    I've been going through a phase of listening to all my Kinks albums again lately, and have listened to much of it on headphones. I've gotta say I'm blown away by Dave's contributions to just about every song. Dave is an iconic guitar player, but probably not a great guitar player, yet he...
  17. Fiat Lux

    Pirates in Trouble

    Just saw this in the news this morning. Looks like the film makers are going in hard against the Pirates on this one. cheers
  18. Fiat Lux

    Jail for music piracy

    Dancing Jesus founder, Kane Robinson, jailed for illegal music sharing online AAP NOVEMBER 12, 2014 4:18PM INTERNET pirates beware. In a high profile case in the UK, two young men have been sentenced to jail for setting up the illegal music internet forum Dancing Jesus. The forum...
  19. Fiat Lux

    Slash Lite

    NRL’s Grand Final entertainment a Train-wreck. CAMERON ADAMS NATIONAL MUSIC WRITER NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA NETWORK OCTOBER 06, 2014 10:06AM SHARE Crowd unimpressed...US band Train play at the NRL Grand Final. Picture: Gregg Porteous THE AFL has trumped the NRL in this year’s Grand Final...
  20. Fiat Lux

    Straps and Historics

    What straps do you think look best on historics? Post up pics of your preferences for bursts, goldies, and BBs... Let's see 'em! cheers

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