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  1. Satch0922

    SOLD - 2006 LPB7 57 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

    2006 Historic LPB-7. Never gigged, played in smoke free home. Typical scuffs on pick guard. Great overall condition 9/10. Just typical black guitar scuffs that a minor buffing would remove if you desired. I prefer to leave "as-is" as not to disturb the original finish. No buckle rash or...
  2. Satch0922

    SOLD -2012 Peter Frampton - Last year for Ebony FB

    2012 Custom shop LPC Frampton. Last year for ebony fretboard. Played a handful of times. 9.8/10 (only because there is never a 10). Includes custom shop "Lifton" style case and COA $3900 shipped and insured. Prefer PP gift to save on fees. If interested let I can send my eBay feedback...
  3. Satch0922

    SOLD -2007 R9 For Sale

    2007 R9. Guitar never gigged but has been played in smoke free home. At least a 9/10. Gorgeous top, no repairs or chips. Case, COA $3800 shipped and insured PP gift. If interested I can give you my eBay for reference (685 100%). Also listing a 2012 Peter Frampton and 2006 LPB-7 (57...
  4. Satch0922

    PRICE DROP 2007 Gibson '59 Reissue Les Paul R9 Historic

    Price drop $3990 plus shipping Conus. Will negotiate if buyer wants to use PayPal Gift. 2007 Historic 1959 Reissue. Non-VOS and looks like new. This one has an incredible top (see pictures) and plays like a dream. The 2007 R9's are hailed as some of the best ever produced by the Custom...
  5. Satch0922

    Finally - Found a LPC- JS

    I have been looking for a John Sykes LPC since about 2009. They were issued in 2006 and honestly i came close to buying one new but just never did. For the past 6 years i have been looking high and low and either "just missed one" or the aged version was for sale for north of 7 large (which...
  6. Satch0922

    Looking for John Sykes Sig

    If you all know of one laying around collecting dust, let me know. They seemed to have vanished. This one that I "get" but let it slip by when they were readily available. Of course i realize those of us looking for specific guitars aren't in a position to be bargain hunters, but the right...
  7. Satch0922

    John Sykes Signature LPC .. WTB

    If you have a VOS or Aged for sale or know who does please shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  8. Satch0922

    Group Photo

    Someday I need to find the good camera! My Historics....(and one Pre) From left to right: R7 BB, PreHistoric GT, R8, R9, R9
  9. Satch0922

    So to get Slash tone....

    You have to have a BC Rich and a (fill in the blank because I can't make it out) amp? :laugh2::slash: Happy Easter to all you Slash devotees..
  10. Satch0922

    EVH as the LP would want him

    Blast from the past.....
  11. Satch0922

    Ngd - 07 r9

    Just bought this one yesterday so it should arrive this week. Believe it or not, this is the first and only washed cherry Les Paul I have bought. 2007 R9 VOS. Bone stock, custom Shop case, all the goodies. Described and appears to be virtually unplayed.
  12. Satch0922

    NGD R9 On The Way

    I have been eyeing this one for some time and yesterday I jumped on it. I should have it next week. 2005 R9
  13. Satch0922

    Proud Norlin Owners, Isn't it Funny...?

    YES, this IS to stir the pot, what can I say, I am staying awake so my 8 hr plane flight will be an 8 hour sleep!! Anyway, it occurred to me as I read about all the recent incarnations of the beloved Les Paul that the Norlin haters are the same guys buying new/recent Gibsons.....weird huh? The...
  14. Satch0922

    78 Deluxe with Dirty Fingers

    78 Deluxe, routed for Dirty Fingers.... Bet this thing is fun to try and hold on to! Rare 1978 Blonde Gibson Les Paul Deluxe- Rare Dirty Fingers Pickups 70's Case | eBay
  15. Satch0922

    NGD - Jackson USA RR1-T

    I have been looking for an RR1-T (string through non-Floyd) for some time now. Finally found one and it is near mint. Snow white with pinstripes, Seymour Duncans, ebony fretboard......plays like a dream. Stock photo......I will still need to take a Rhoads trio pic (my 74 LPC, this guitar and...
  16. Satch0922

    Thank you Ronnie Montrose

    Sadly Ronnie passed last week. Montrose first album is one of the many reasons I wanted a Les Paul as a kid. What a great rock guitarist. He always played what the song called for, no more, no less. Tasteful in style backed with energy. RIP Ronnie and thank you for sharing your talent...
  17. Satch0922

    Custom Shop 74 LPC Reissue

    I posted this in the Norlin section but thought I would try and educate a little over here! :naughty: I know the legendary 74 Custom has be reincarnated several times (RR, Steve Jones, Ace) but now just as a 74 Reissue? Good thing those old Norlins were junk and hated so badly! :dude...
  18. Satch0922

    CS 1974 LPC Reissue VOS ?

    I know the legendary 74 Custom has be reincarnated several times (RR, Steve Jones, Ace) but now just as a 74 Reissue? Good thing those old Norlins were junk and hated so badly!:naughty: Buy Gibson Custom Shop '74 Les Paul Custom VOS Electric Guitar Aspen White | Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul...
  19. Satch0922

    White R7?

    2003 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1957 Historic Reissue
  20. Satch0922

    90's Jackson "Rhoads Pro" Professional

    I have a 90's Rhoads Pro Professional...a "real" one. Binding, MOP Jackson inlay, Seymour Duncans, Jackson trem. All hardware is there. It has seen very little playing time with minor to no fret wear, no chunks gone off the wings (barely a blemish). This guitar is the dark blue with...

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